Low Profile Engagement Rings with Bezel Set

After solitaire, the bezel is the second design that is popular worldwide. While the solitaires sell in millions across the globe, the bezel is closed at its heel. The defining feature of this setting is a metal border that hugs the stone from around it, holding it down in place. Now a very coveted setting, the bezel is, in fact, the oldest style in settings. With the goal of simplicity, a bezel is also pretty easy to make. As early as it is, Low Profile engagement rings with bezel are not an outdated setting style. Very much in fashion and relevant to this day, the bezel is loved for its sleek design, it’s a modernist vibe. In a bezel setting alone, elegance, and comfort merge. Without being boastful, the design is balanced. It has no excess, and that is the most beautiful thing about the bezel. In this article, we will mostly talk about the merits and demerits of Low Profile engagement rings with bezel and also round up the existing styles in the market. By the end of your read, you will have a full idea of what your options are in this design and which of them will work best for you.

1-carat-center Low Profile Engagement Rings with Bezel Set
Pear-shaped diamond low profile engagement rings

1 The Upsides of a Bezel

Let’s talk about the things that make a bezel set engagement ring stand out.

Cushion-diamond Low Profile Engagement Rings with Bezel Set
Kate Middleton, low profile engagement ring bezel, set with a Cushion diamond
  • Protection

A bezel setting is best known for its practicality. Practicality, in this case, comes in the form of stability and security. You would not want to put a costly stone on a setting that you know is not high on protection. Diamond might be among the hardest elements on the planet; they are still not invulnerable. Especially those in the pieces of jewelry are prone to damages when mishandled. The girdle or the thin band that goes around a diamond separating the top from the bottom is the part that cracks us most efficiently.

The bezel setting offers extra protection by safeguarding the girdle. To give the ultimate stone protection, it forms a protective band outside the girdle consuming most of the gem inside it. So only the table and a little below it shows in the bezel setting. It is hard to damage a stone that shows so little of it.  Read a bout low profile rings with bezel set at Wikipedia.

  • Security

The upshot of protection is security. The bezel setting aces in this too. It offers safety to the stone it protects by clutching it tightly around the girdle. Seldom will you hear of a compromised bezel setting? One cannot wrench the gem out of a bezel setting. You have to destroy the bezel to reach the gem inside. Such is the security of the setting. The metal of the setting folds around the crown of the stone securely holding it in place. Compared to prongs that are both delicate and very easily compressible, the bezel is secure and dependable.

  • Practicality

As mentioned earlier, the bezel is an available setting style. It has a comparatively low profile and that is its chief strength. It sits on the finger and does not attempt to boast. This does not downplay the aesthetics of sparklers by any means. Instead, it’s a huge bonus. A low profile prevents rings from snagging at fabric and hair. People who use their hands a lot at work like nurses, gym instructors, chefs, kindergarten teachers, martial art trainers and such, bezel set rings are the best pick for them. Even when coming in close contact with things and people, the setting keeps the gem protected and do not get in the way.

bezel-set Low Profile Engagement Rings with Bezel Set
Low profile engagement rings, bezel set
  • Price

There are various price points in low profile engagement rings with bezel-set, but most are within the range of affordability of the average buyer. It owns its low price to the simplicity of its design. Unlike other settings, this one is not complicated, therefore does not require superb craftsmanship to make. It makes it rather easily and in a short time. That helps keep the price from rising to the level of expensive. You may think that it requires more precious metal to make a bezel, but in reality, that is not the case. A bezel setting takes very little raw material to shape, compared to other ornate settings. A very simple jeweler can make a bezel setting. Low person-hours and artistry are the two reasons that contribute heavily to their conservative pricing. In halos, the paving stones need to be a handset. In prongs, the clips require to be shaped, bent, and welded, but not in the bezel. It takes very little curving and shaping. With very little work, a perfectly ordinary designer can make a perfect bezel setting that keeps the stone safe and secure.

2 Low profile engagement rings with bezel set vs. halo ring setting:

Halo is the style that a bezel is most compared with. Although not very similar, the halo is the closest to the bezel, in terms of shape and design. The bezel is many times less expensive than the halo, and that’s a good thing not because it gives buyers the opportunity to save more, but spare more on the stone. With a sizeable amount of money saved on the simple setting, you can use the rest of it to buy a larger or higher quality gem. If not, you are welcome to save it too, for if it’s an engagement ring, a wedding should be coming along pretty soon.

engagement-ring-solitaire Low Profile Engagement Rings with Bezel Set

Low profile engagement ring solitaire bezel set
14k US$490
18k US$580
Platinum $730

engagement-ring. Low Profile Engagement Rings with Bezel Set

Low profile engagement ring with Halo bezel
14k $840
18k $932
Platinum $1140

3 What’s bad about bezel engagement rings?

  • Less sparkle

The bezel setting has not many downsides. One that can be cited under cons would be the sparkle. Low profile engagement rings bezel set sparkles less than a prong or a halo. Being wrapped all around, the gemstone in a bezel setting does not get enough chance to demonstrate its brilliance. The bezel is a low profile setting, and like all low profile setting it does not catch much light, the light that is integral to the sparkle. So due to lack of adequate light, the stones in a bezel setting does not sparkle as much. While this is true in parts, it’s not a legitimate criticism. Stones in a bezel setting to sparkle, but the sparkle is often not as intense as other elevated settings. The sparkle in a bezel is the product of the light entering the stone and existing through the culet. So, that proves that as low as it is, the bezel still catches the light. You are all set as long as the bezel set engagement ring you get does not intently reduce the light entering the diamond because that can significantly blot out the sparkle to a minimum. So you want to absolutely ensure that the bezel set ring you buy has a clean bezel that exposes the crown the stone just enough to let a good amount of light enter it. Although most bezels bare the top of the stone without crowding it, you still want to double-check this to make sure that your ring sparkles as much as possible.

  • Bezel halo Combo

Halo lovers, we have news for you. A new designs that are marketed by jewelers as bezel halo is taking the market by storm. If your loyalty is torn between the settings bezel and halo, then here is a style that will resolve the dilemma. Bringing the best of both; the halo bezel is a plain bezel setting stylized with a pave halo around it. While the bezel keeps the center stone safe and secure inside it, the halo enhances the size of the stone and makes up for the lost sparkle by adding a dash of extra brilliance. Gorgeous and practical, the bezel halo presents both the beefy protection of the former and the shimmering brilliance of the latter. It is the perfect middle between practicality and glamour.

ring-height Low Profile Engagement Rings with Bezel Set

ring-1 Low Profile Engagement Rings with Bezel Set
Low profile engagement rings with diamonds halo

4 Sold on gold?

The metal gold and bezel is a pair that is often seen in galleries. While some choose it for the sheer aesthetics of it, and others because they are totally sold on gold, a buyer must know the nuances of every setting and its chemistry with precious metals before making a choice. Before you decide to go with a golden bezel set diamond ring, you must first know how gold works with these settings or how it reflects on the bezel. You probably know this already, but every gold setting affects the white of the diamond it encases some. Yellow gold is a warmer shade bleeds into the transparency of diamonds making it appear mildly yellow. While that only ends up enhancing the overall cosmetics of the ring, some are less than impressed by it.

On the other hand, if you must choose a golden bezel, the smart thing to do is to not overspend on a colorless diamond. Go down a little, and pick anything you like from D, E or F. The diamonds here lightly yellow and they do very well in yellow gold environments. Thus, by ducking diamonds of grade G, not only do you make a better choice, aesthetically speaking, you also save yourself from wasting a lot of money.

engagement-ring-solitaire Low Profile Engagement Rings with Bezel Set

5 Low profile engagement rings bezel settings

In bezel, there are not very many styles. In fact, compared to other settles, bezel offers fewer options to the buyers. But that does not make a lot of difference. On the contrary, its choices are many times better than some and that compensates for the low count. Here are some examples that we have rounded up for you. Although not a definitive list, this is good to get your head around the kind of styles that are out there in the bezel. Let’s start exploring.

  • The Fuss-Free Round Bezel

    This basic bezel is also bezel at its best. Fuss-free and clean, the basic bezel is the most popular style in this category, and for good reasons. In this setting, the diamond takes the center stage. Protection and security are at its highest in this setting. You can wear this highly practical ring every day without facing any difficulties. To top that, this amazing setting is also the cheapest option in the bezel. Check out this and more low profile engagement rings at Diamonds-USA.

    diamond Low Profile Engagement Rings with Bezel Set
  • Fancy Shaped Bezel

Round is the signature shape of bezel, but it hasn’t remained limited to it. Nowadays, the bezel setting is used for all kinds of fancy shaped diamonds. So if you are trying to save some buck by veering off the brilliant cuts, be assured that you will find options in bezel along that path. Fancy shaped diamonds and bezel is the best duo as far as saving some bucks is concerned.

fancy-shaped-bezel Low Profile Engagement Rings with Bezel Set

Each of these Low profile engagement rings with bezel set is available from Diamonds-USA, who is the best choice online to buy a ‘fancy’ shaped diamond engagement ring from, due to their high-quality images which allow you to judge the level of shape and cut quality of each diamond. Each ring is tailored to your diamond!

  • Bezel and Rose Gold

The bezel is classically used in yellow gold rings, but that’s not the only option you have today. The bezel style is seen in all kinds of metals, most of all rose gold. If you are in love with this blushing gold as we all are, then a rose gold bezel is what you want. It brings a modern twist to a classic design.

bezel-and-rose-gold Low Profile Engagement Rings with Bezel Set

Bezel settings don’t need to be white gold or platinum, and choosing rose gold can give a simple and classic design a modern twist. See more rose gold engagement ring bezel variations here.

  • Half Bezel

If the full bezel seems a bit stifling for you, check out the half bezel. Unlike the classic bezel, this one gives its gem a lot of space to breathe and shine. In this setting, a diamond shines to the best of its ability. Check out this ring and other bezel ring options at Diamonds-USA.

half-bezel Low Profile Engagement Rings with Bezel Set

  • Pavé Band Bezel

In an attempt to spruce up the regular bezel, designers came up with an ingenious idea where they decided to pave the band with tiny diamonds. That instantly elevates the sparkle of the ring, making it blingy at no great expense.

Pavé-Band-Bezel Low Profile Engagement Rings with Bezel Set

Brilliantly from any angle. The 22 diamonds set into the band are a great way of upping the bling without adding a huge amount of cost.

  • Split Shank Halo Bezel

You have been made familiar with the halo bezel design in the paragraphs above. This one is the same design, only with a little more flash. This one features a sparkling halo band around the bezel. The crown sits on a band that is embedded with diamonds. But the defining feature of the band is not the sparkling diamonds but the split shank. It’s extremely stylish and sparkles from all angles.

Split-Shank-Halo-Bezel Low Profile Engagement Rings with Bezel Set

Final Word

If you are thinking a bezel set diamond engagement ring, consider engagement and wedding set in the same design. Not only do they work great together and are telling of a great taste, but they also complement each other like no other. Together, they sit flush appearing two halves of a whole. Besides buying them in a set leaves no need for you to hunt through galleries to find two matching pairs. So, that’s one less thing to worry about, and when you have a wedding to plan, that it is a good thing. Choosing a ‘wedding set’ for your bezel engagement ring means that you can be sure that your engagement ring and wedding ring will sit together flush as they have been designed to complement each other. Making sure that the two work together is one less thing for you to worry about when you’re planning your wedding, which is a good thing!

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