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Look Fashionable by Layering Your Jewelry

Wearing jewelry is one of the necessities that can increase the beauty of any woman, make her catchier and reflect her personality. For all of these reasons, you have to know how to choose and wear your jewelry properly. We used to wear small number of jewelry pieces in a simple way that can be found in a single pendant or chain, but nowadays all of that can be considered as old-fashioned. Wearing simple and single pieces of jewelry is not fashionable anymore and what is fashionable in these days is layering jewelry. Whether you like this idea or not, you have to know that it has become very common to the extent that it is worn by most of the models and famous characters especially actresses and other artists. You can find many stylish women who wear robes of gold chains which are paired with other pieces of jewelry that are long and large in their sizes, so what do you think of that? Do you want to learn how to layer your jewelry?

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1. Use the jewelry that you already have: There is no need to purchase new jewelry to get the layered look as you can easily do this through using the different jewelry pieces that you already have.

2. Lay out your jewelry: Start organizing your jewelry pieces and divide them into groups depending on the type of your jewelry pieces, size, color, material and style. For the vintage jewelry pieces that you have, you will need to lay out them depending the years in which they were made or the period of time to which they belong.


Easy tricks to layer you jewelry and look fashionable

♦ One of the easiest and simplest ways for layering your jewelry is to choose those bracelets and necklaces with several strands.

♦ Pair contrasting metals with each other such as mixing gold bangle bracelets or necklaces with sterling silver ones.

♦ Use long necklaces to wrap them around your neck and you can also make use of the long bracelets to wrap them around your wrist.

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♦ Wear the jewelry pieces that complement each other in color such as pairing wooden bracelets with other brown or neutral green bracelets.

♦ Bring the vintage jewelry pieces that you have and pair them with other modern pieces.

♦ Pair necklaces in different lengths and you can wear from 3 to 6 necklaces at the same time. Start with a chocker or short necklace, then wear another necklace which is longer and finally wear a long necklace with a pendant.


♦ Decrease the number of the necklaces that you wear if you find that they are bulky.

♦ Choose thin jewelry when you wear a large number of jewelry pieces in order not to be bulky.

♦ When you pair bands and rings with each other, it will be enough for you to layer one finger in your hand.


♦ If you want to layer necklaces, you will need to avoid wearing big earrings.

♦ Avoid layering bracelets and necklaces at the same time.

♦ You can wear big earrings with discreet necklaces.

♦ Make sure that the different colors or styles that you wear match and complement each other.


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