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Long winter coats

The long coats suit every body fat or thin, tall or short. There are many kinds, colours and shapes of it that makes you  free in choosing from a very big number of coats. Coats verified in its material, heavy or light. Leather long coat is good , but wool coat is warmer than it. Nylon coats are prefered during the rain storm.

The long coat suit tall women, about women of average size suit them long coats to knee; but short woman should wear a coat covering only the upper part of her body and let her legs to be shown.

2086711 Long winter coats
2086721 Long winter coats

Long coats are useful in protecting whole the body from coldness. There are kinds of it: simple one which preferred by many businesswomen and another kind with pockets which suits students.


If  the major of your clothes are bright colour, you should buy a black or white one. The red coat could be cute and lovely. The brown and grey coats  show classical which is very suitable for businesswomen. Keep away from crazy colours. Dark colours are the best choice for everyone.

296083436_851 Long winter coats
520795333_683 Long winter coats
208661 Long winter coats

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