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Liquid Web Hosting [Full Review]

What is Liquid Web Hosting?

Liquid Web Inc. is a provider of web hosting services that are based in, Michigan, the United States. This company has other locations in different countries and it provides virtual private servers (VPS) servers, enthusiastic servers, along with a variety of extra hosting services and products. Liquid Web has been on the list of the rapidly growing private companies in the United States for almost many years, starting from 2007 until now.

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When did it start?

Matthew Hill is the owner and the founder of Liquid Web. He established it in 1997 in Holt when he was just a 16-year-old teenager, but he managed to let the company rapidly grow due to its exceptional focus on being highly responsive to the customers and being always available, supporting their customers. Madison Dearborn Partners offered Liquid Web a substantial financial investment and Liquid Web announced its acceptance of this request in May 2015. Above and beyond, Executive Jim Geiger also invested in the company and he was given the title of CEO. These investments helped in accelerating the growth of the company, leading the new CEO to state that his aim is to focus on supporting further growth for Liquid Web.

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About Heroic Support

Customer Support was an essential feature in the company’s early days as it offered their customers 24/7 support despite having only around 16 employees at the early time of the company’s history. However, in 2007, they used this feature and re-branded it as Heroic Support, for it was not only named for being always there for their customers but also because they introduced their Hero mascot. A few years later, they expanded their brand, Heroic support, to include guaranteed response time to the customers’ calls and chats within a time frame that does not exceed a minute.

For these reasons, Liquid Web was announced in 2015 to be one of the best Net Promoter, scoring 74. This number indicates the high satisfaction of the customers and the number of people who would refer the company to others.

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What are Liquid Web products?

Initially, the company only offered to host services, but after the expansion that it has been through, it included two servers; the dedicated and the virtual private ones, as well as some add-on products. Then, it launched a line of cloud servers where customers will be provided with the ability to easily organize, replace, duplicate, and increase the capacity on a server and that took place in 2009 known as the Storm Platforms.Their Storm Servers are known to be easily used for utilizing a fully automated platform developed in a house. These platforms also include more features such as VPS, dedicated servers, private cloud servers, and, as well as a series of add-ons that takes the account of block storage, object storage, and load balancers.

Their Storm Servers are known to be easily used for utilizing a fully automated platform developed in a house. These platforms also include more features such as VPS, dedicated servers, private cloud servers, as well as a series of add-ons that takes the account of block storage, object storage, and load balancers.

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Where Is Its located?

As it was early stated, Liquid Web’s headquarters is based in Lansing, Michigan. It still maintains three exclusively owned data centers and the very first one opened in 2003. A few years later, Liquid Web expanded its operation, including a location in Phoenix, Arizona; above and beyond, it also opened a location in Amsterdam. The company also operates a remote office in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Why choose Liquid Web?

The company has been serving its customers for almost 15 years with a great experience; besides, they literally have on-site Heroic Support technicians who provide support for 24 hours during the whole week and throughout the whole year, making themselves the perfect match for all the need of web hosting.

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What are the benefits of hosting with LiquidWeb?

Since choosing a web hosting company can be a puzzling effort, you will need to save yourself the trouble of swimming through a pool of suitors that are trying to offer you their services with a lot of confusing specialties, so Liquid Web can provide you with the best customer service, being available all the times to answer your questions.

Here are some of the advantages of partnering up with them:

1 Helpful technicians

All the services are provided by a set of technicians that are deemed to be very helpful. They will help you find the best choice for yourself and even if you are looking for a customized solution, this can be easily provided to you by the available architects. And, again, they have several data centers that provide support through the 24 hours throughout the whole year along with their under 59 seconds notion for answering your calls or replying to you in a live chat.

2 Free migrations  

You surely will hate the process of changing web hosts, but Liquid Web had an entire team whose main function is to migrate your data from your current host to theirs, easing the process up for all the customers.

3 Liquid Web data centers  

Liquid Web promised to build the best data center for their customers’ servers and they actually kept their promise since they are highly dedicated to web hosting. Their systems were made up from scratch in order to ensure providing the customer with network systems that will guarantee the availability of your site for 24/7.

4 Proactive monitoring

Since you are concerned about the possibilities of your site to go offline, Liquid Web provides a Sonar Monitoring Team that proactively monitors your server for 24 hours throughout the whole year and if anything happened, they will immediately fix the problem. They monitor almost everything, including your network, hardware, and software.

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What are the provided services and tools?

Liquid Web has a full set of services that is able to pair with almost any hosting environment ranging from the newly launched blog to a full-scale enterprise solution. All of the company’s customers have access to the usage of easy management to keep tags on your services and servers at any given time since it is also available as a mobile site to be easily accessed.

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Here are the services that liquid web provides:

1 Continuous backups  

Your data can be always safe since there is a Guardian Backup and Recovery. Besides, they are able to deliver backups that are off sites that can capture the configuration of the customer’s entire system on a continuous basis, making the recovery process quick and easy.

2 One-Click installs

For all of those who want to either start a blog or need a management system for their content, the one-click install is a feature that can make your required process easy and fast. It also features many scripts that include Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress, so you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for.

3 Management tools

Liquid Web has always kept its promise to be there when their customers need support; however, since it is more convenient for you to manage your own things by yourself, they provide a prevailing management border that enables you to check your billing information, view statics, create servers and so on.

4 Security services

One more service that you will get from Liquid Web is high security. Your data will be secured and safely kept. Even when you create your own dedicated server, it is automatically reinforced with their ServerSecure® service. Moreover, they also offer Firewalls, Secure VPNs, SSL certificates, and PCI Compliance, so your data will always remain protected.

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