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In Depth Linuxfortherestofus Review:

Majority of the people using computers are very much familiar with the Windows operating systems. This is considered as the most widely used operating system among household and business computers. This is closely followed by the Mac, which is now more popular among people who like to play different digital media.

However, did you know that 95% of the most powerful computer systems around the world today are powered by Linux? Almost everyone is using some kind of Linux programs in their everyday lives, from our TiVo, smartphones, ATM and even in your online shopping. If you don’t know yet, unlike the Windows operating systems that is prone to thousands of viruses and worms, less than 1% of all of these malwares have an effect on a computer running on a Linux operating system. Having a good understanding and skills on operating Linux programs can also help you land a job in some of the best companies that uses Linux today.


About The Product:

Introducing, the Linux For The Rest Of Us online course. This one of a kind software training course for Linux is hosted by Steve McLaughlin, a well known software engineer and programmer. He created a course so simple that anyone can follow and master Linux, even if they have a very basic knowledge on how to use a regular computer running on Windows. He put together a 24 part video series that will carefully guide each student from the background of Linux up to using some of the more advanced programs on this operating system.

Linux for The Rest of Us Download

Some of the training programs that will be taught in the videos that can be easily downloaded from include the step by step installation of Linux in your computer, basic programs and functions, recovering data from Windows powered computers, customization of the desktop, digital media creation, basic Microsoft Office programs without having to pay Microsoft legally and many more.


Advantages of Learning Linux:

Being able to master Linux based programs can give more benefits as one could imagine. For one, you can actually build and sell a computer without having to pay for any royalties to software companies like Mac and Microsoft mainly because Linux is free software that is maintained by a community of users and programmers. Another thing is that, it’s also compatible with almost any programs that are commonly used in a regular household computer. What’s more is that it allows you to download from more than 35,000 software and programs without paying a single cent.


Special Bonus (Limited Time Offer):

Aside from the 24 video based modules that are included in the package, Steve also offered his customers an additional 2 videos that can be very much appreciated by computer technicians or anyone who wants to be one. The first video is all about diagnosing and recovering important data from damaged hard drives and the second is scanning a Windows computer for viruses using Linux.


Experts Recommendations:

As a conclusion, using Linux is certainly worth every time and effort that you will invest in learning it. Its versatility and different functionalities allows the users to explore more and custom it for different computing needs.


Customers feedback:

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