Do You Like to Get a Pomsky Puppy?

Did you hear about Pomsky puppies before? If it is yes and want to get one at your home, then you have to get all the possible information about it like its characteristics, size, shape, temperament and other features that help you to deal with it. Pomsky puppies have recently become one of the most common breeds among those who adore dogs especially the hybrid and newest ones.

Pomsky puppies are designer dog breeds or hybrid puppies that come as a result of mixing two dog breeds which are Pomeranian dogs and Husky dogs. The puppies that result from this combination are called Pomeranian Husky mix dogs or abbreviated in just one word which is “Pomsky”. Pomsky puppies have the same features of their parents and because they come from two different breeds, you will find that the Pomsky puppies do not have the same characteristics as you may find that the characteristics of one breed are predominant and appear more than others in some Pomsky puppies unlike other Pomskies which makes it difficult to predict how the Pomsky puppies will look like when they grow.

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♦ Common characteristics

Ther are common characteristics that can be noticed in most of the Pomsky puppies. They are smaller in their size than Husky dogs which makes them small or medium-sized like Pomeranian dogs. The head of Pomskies is much more like that of Husky dogs. They are playful, intelligent, can easily be kept with other pets at your home, loyal and the level of their barking comes between Husky and Pomeranian dogs.


♦ How much do they weigh?

Deciding the weight of the Pomsky puppies depends on their parents. In order to know the typical weight of your Pomsky puppy or how much should it weigh, you will first need to know the weight of its parents, add them to each other and then, divide the result by 2. The Pomsky puppies’ weight ranges from 20 to 30lbs and the average weight is 25lbs.


♦ Thick fur with different colors

Pomsky puppies are like their parents who have long, silky and thick or double coat to protect them from the weather around them which is extremely cold. You will find this coat with mixed colors such as black, white and grey and this is one of the characteristics that can be found in Husky dogs.

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♦ How to care about them?

– It is not difficult to train Pomsky puppies because they are intelligent and can learn quickly. They can easily respond to your commands.

– Their coat needs to be brushed several times per week and not just one time because it is thick and needs more care.

– Do not leave it alone and try to make it busy because the Pomsky puppy is like its parents who are energetic.


♦ Cons

Pomsky puppies should not be left alone at home without doing anything, because they are energetic like their parents and need to be taken for playing, walking or running everyday to avoid turning your home into a mess.

To conclude, If you want to get an intelligent, playful, energetic, friendly to children and other pets, furry, easily trained, loyal and a good companion puppy, then it will be Pomsky puppy.

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