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Let’s Discover Jewelry Secrets about Gold & Diamonds

We usually wear different jewelry pieces which are made of gold and other precious metals without having enough information about these pieces of jewelry, the metals of which they are made and even the precious stones which are used for adorning them. There are many secrets about gold and precious stones but we do not know anything about them and here we want to discover more about these secrets. Some of these secrets show you that there are many things which are commonly known among people and are believed to be true while in fact they are not. To know more about the jewelry that you have or that you are going to purchase, take a look at the following jewelry secrets about gold and the precious stones that are used for making our jewelry pieces catchier and more precious.


1. Solid 14k gold does not exist: Solid gold is the gold that is mined from the earth in a pure form which is known as 24k gold and there is not any piece of jewelry which is made of solid 14k gold because there is not what is mined as solid 14k gold. The 14k gold is made by mixing pure gold “24k gold” with 41.5% alloy, while 18k gold is a mixture of 75% pure gold and 25% alloy.

2. Solid 14k gold is fake: Jewelry pieces which are sold as solid 14k gold differ from other jewelry pieces which are sold as 14k gold and this appears when you find that the solid 14k gold jewelry turns your skin into the green color when you wear it which means that the percentage of alloy which is used for making this type of jewelry is higher than the percentage of pure gold or the metals which are used are contaminated and this rarely happens.

3. What is the most precious gemstone?: It is commonly known and scientifically believed that the green emerald is the most valuable and precious gemstone but in fact, the blue diamond which weighs 6.04 carats is the most valuable and more expensive than other precious stones.

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4. Diamonds can be broken: Diamonds are renowned for being the strongest, hardest and most durable precious stones, however they can be broken and this is why it is recommended not to wear your diamond jewelry while doing rough works such as housework, yard work and other hard works that can damage your diamonds.

5. The effect of vinegar on your pearls is horrible: It is scientifically proved that pearls can be dissolved when they are placed in vinegar since they consist of calcium carbonate but the time that is required for dissolving the pearls depends on their size.

6. Does opal bring good luck or bad luck?: The Romans believed that opal is a unique colored precious stone that has all the colors of the other precious stones and this is why it brings good luck. Opal was believed after that to bring bad luck and was associated with black magic and plague. Nowadays opal has become more desired especially the black opal which is rare.


7. What makes diamonds more expensive: There are many factors that control the price of diamonds and make some diamonds more expensive than others such as the purity of the diamond, carat weight, cut and color.

8. Diamonds are not the rarest precious stones: Is there anyone who can say or believe that diamonds are not the rarest precious stones? Yes, we can say that. Diamonds are widely believed to be the rarest precious stones on earth especially those fancy diamonds or colored diamonds and it is also thought that the red diamond is the rarest precious stone, however this is not true as the Guinness Book tells us that the rarest precious stone in the world is Painite.

9. What is the purest gold?: The purest gold is the 24k gold and because it is very soft, it is mixed with other base metals such as silver, copper, iron, aluminum, platinum and other base metals that increase the hardness of the pure gold and change its color from the yellow color to other colors such as white, pink, green and more colors that can be found in the different pieces of gold jewelry. The higher the percentage of pure gold is, the more expensive the jewelry piece will be.


10. Recycling gold: Gold is considered to be the most precious and valuable metal and this is why it is recycled as about 15% of the gold that is consumed every year is annually recycled. This means that the gold jewelry that we have may contain fragments of the gold that was used in the ancient times.

11. Gold for a tasty cup of coffee: There are coffee pots which are made of gold or covered with a layer of 23k gold to make your coffee tasty and preserve its unique and rich taste.

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What’s your opinion on these fascinating pieces of jewelry? 

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