Legrand In-wall TV Power Kit: How to Hide the TV Wires Elegantly

Who can resist the charm of the LCD screens with their high-quality picture as well as elegant look? Recalling the shape of old TVs, you could easily spot the enhancements occurred to them. Today, LCDs are considered a decorative element in the rooms where you put them, whether living rooms or bedrooms. The only downside that many cannot escape is the scene of the TV power and HDMI cables and wires hanging from the monitor, creating a messy view that reduces the elegance of the look of the TV and place in general. Probably many have tried different solutions, whether complicated that demand electrical hard wiring or by merely hiding the wires behind pieces of furniture, but it doesn’t work entirely, does it?

How about an effortless-to-apply answer that works effectively? Assuming that you would probably welcome it, we introduce you this review of the in-wall TV power kit from Legrand. With the ultimate aim of a clean TV installation, it resembles an innovative method to hide the power and AV cables both.

lcd-TV-wires-1-675x379 Legrand In-wall TV Power Kit: How to Hide the TV Wires Elegantly

About Legrand in-wall TV power kit

Legrand in-wall TV power kit is designed to be an easy DIY project to conceal the TV wires and cables behind the wall in front of which the TV stands or is hanged. Plus, the flat panel recessed connection kit provides you with convenient access to the back of the TV. The essential parts that the kit comprises are power input and output modules, 6ft power and pre-wired cords, along with aiding items: a hole saw to drill the holes in the wall, cord feed tool to help get the wires behind the wall, and the owner’s manual.

legrand-kit-675x643 Legrand In-wall TV Power Kit: How to Hide the TV Wires Elegantly

legrand-TV-power-kit-2-675x1013 Legrand In-wall TV Power Kit: How to Hide the TV Wires Elegantly

How to use the kit?

The kit is innovated to provide you with a straightforward method that you could apply on your own within 30 minutes to hide the TV cords and cables. The practical way these guys came up with falls into three steps. First, cut two holes in the wall with the aid of the hole saw. Then, through the holes pull the power cable and the rest of the wires. After that comes the third and final part which is to cover the holes you made with the decorative white input and output boxes.

Legrand-In-wall-TV-Power-Kit-2-675x380 Legrand In-wall TV Power Kit: How to Hide the TV Wires Elegantly

Legrand-In-wall-TV-Power-Kit-4-675x388 Legrand In-wall TV Power Kit: How to Hide the TV Wires Elegantly

Legrand-in-wall-TV-power-kit-5-675x675 Legrand In-wall TV Power Kit: How to Hide the TV Wires Elegantly

Now that we have learned about the kit and how to apply it, it’s time to determine the ups and downs of the products.


1 The combination of simplicity and effectiveness

The kit offers an effective way for you to skip the ugly scene of messy cables around your TV in the simplest way. The DIY project does not demand electrical wiring. The concept depends merely on providing easy routing of the TV power, HDMI cable, and any other wires in-wall. Just pay attention to small details such as using a stud finder to make sure that no diagonal cross-braces are in the way of either the input or output modules. An eBay reviewer stated that he made the first hole then discovered a structural brace in the way of the second hole. Therefore, he had to change the holes’ location and refill the initial one he made.

2 Executable in 30 minutes

Installing the Legrand in-wall TV power kit is an easy task that you could accomplish in half an hour or even less. All you need to do is to understand the basic concept and application steps, then start executing.

3 Enhances the look of your home

The seamless decorative style that Legrand came up with, to connect the TVs to cables and electricity, is quite impressive. It gives an amazing result on a plate. With it, you can have nicer looking rooms and a better TV watching experience that doesn’t involve ugly-looking cables.

4 An affordable solution

Keep in mind that complicated solutions coast a lot, especially that you would probably need electrician or specialist to apply them. An essential rule is not to mess with electricity unless you are pretty aware of what you are doing for the safety of you and your family. And the most important thing to do while looking for economic solutions is to know about it well to guarantee its capability of fulfilling your need efficiently.

5 Flexible use

Legrand in-wall TV power kit possesses features that make it quite flexible to use, including its compatibility with the various TV brands. Plus, its duplex recessed receptacle could power multiple devices and support most of the power plug types. It powers TVs, speaker bars, Internet media boxes, etc., and supports plugs of right angles, wall warts, and more. Besides, the decorator based power inlet strap is supportive of the addition of other connections.

6 Decorative white color

The power inlet strap and duplex power receptacle come in a pearl white color to make the kit blendable with the wall. Indeed the choice of the color depends on the neutrality of the color and that it harmonizes with a lot of colors and hues.

7 Positive customer reviews

Searching the Internet for informative and reliable customer reviews is quite significant. You would benefit a lot from the opinions, experiences, and advice of those who already purchased and tried the product. Most of the reviews of Legrand kit on Best Buy, Amazon and eBay are positive which is a strong point in favor of the product.

8 One-year partial warranty

The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty on the kit’s parts; the labor is not involved.

living-room-675x563 Legrand In-wall TV Power Kit: How to Hide the TV Wires Elegantly


1 Works only on drywall and the like

Unfortunately, Legrand kit is designed to be applied on drywall. It might work on plaster with more hardness and effort, but it indeed cannot handle solid concrete walls. The hole saw won’t penetrate cinder blocks. Besides, the thicker and harder the wall is the more difficult the process will be. Probably that’s why some reviewers complained about the low durability of the hole saw and the difficulty of using it. To save yourself the trouble, make sure the walls of your home are suitable for the kit.

2 Some are not into DIY-ing

However Legrand kit is easy to apply by almost everyone, some are just not into the most straightforward DIY project. They don’t even have the patience to read the instructions. If you are one of them, you could ask for an installation service while you are purchasing the kit. Scheduling an install is whether by visiting the Bestbuy store or contacting the agents of the supplier online.

legrand-kit-2-675x727 Legrand In-wall TV Power Kit: How to Hide the TV Wires Elegantly

legrand-TV-power-kit-675x675 Legrand In-wall TV Power Kit: How to Hide the TV Wires Elegantly

Now, you can enjoy watching TV or merely relaxing in your living room or bedroom without having to see a mess of wires and cables. Do not let a small thing ruin the look of your beautiful home, especially if an impressive solution like Legrand in-wall TV power kit is here to help you save the day.


The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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