Top 10 Legal Reasons Men Carry a Traditional Pocket Knife

The traditional pocket knife has existed for much longer than we know it. They have turned out to be a worthy company for men for many centuries. It was so popular in America back then that every man had theirs. From the most rugged men to highly disciplined men, every male went about with a traditional pocket knife for obvious reasons. Although we may be living in a world that has been overwhelmed by technology, there are still valid reasons why every man should be walking with his pocket knife. Here are ten legal reasons why men carry a traditional pocket knife.

1 For cutting things

There is no amount of civilization that will eliminate the need to cut some things from time to time. There are a lot of occasions that call for the use of pocket knives. Some of these tasks are things we deal with daily such as opening letters, zip cords, or other packages. Others do not happen as frequently, such as freeing up an animal caught up in a tangle of some sort. These needs may come up when you are not expecting them, which makes moving around with your traditional pocket knife a great choice. That means you will be able to solve those challenges anytime you are faced with them.

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2 The perfect toolbox

If you have ever thought of moving with one tool that can be used to fix several kinds of stuff, it has to be a pocket knife. The number of things you can accomplish with a traditional pocket knife is infinite. It can be used to get rid of a nail from a plank of wood, score a wood, or put a hole on your belt, and much more. How about using it as a multi-purpose screwdriver? It is perfect and a beauty to behold in this regard. You can find it very helpful in unscrewing those small nuts that appear to be very tight and stubborn. With a pocket knife within your reach, you would be able to solve a lot of problems.

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3 Starting a fire

Are you possibly thinking what I am thinking? I guess so! We never know how important this is until we find ourselves in a tight corner. Starting a fire is a necessary skill that we should all have. If there is an urgent need for you to create a fire with minimal resources, a traditional pocket knife will serve as a worthy material. It can be used for shaving off the bark of woods, separate dry wood from wet wood, or produce a spark when you do not have any other means of doing so. With a knife, it is assumed that you already have 50% of whatever you need to start a fire!

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4 Simplifies eating on the move

Whether you are going on a weekend trip or just out on a stroll, a man who outdoors always lacks necessary utensils. You do not want to pull your kitchen along because you are going for a quick walk. It sounds stupid. Instead, you can turn to your traditional pocket knife since it can serve as a spoon, fork, and knife. You would find it amazing in slicing through your cheese and apple anytime any day. It can equally serve as a utility tool since you can use it to open canned goods, beer bottles, and wine. In summary, it makes a great substitute for your basic utensils.

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5 Can save your life

Although it is highly significant that we have a reliable first aid kit not too far from us at all times, there are times such items may not be handy. A knife can be quite useful in this regard because of its many applications. You can use it to take care of minor pains such as splinter or hangnail or it can be applied in other more direct and more severe scenarios. Only make sure the traditional pocket knife’s blade is appropriately sterilized before using it to make contact with an open cut.

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6 For protection

You probably must have seen this one in the movies too many times, and you think it is just for only Kung Fu legends like Jet Li. A traditional pocket knife can serve as a means of protection if you ever have to be approached by the bad guys or wild animals in the woods. Though we never hope to find ourselves in such situations, these are realities that can happen to anybody. And the only way to fight back could be through a pocket knife. In many cases, your attackers may just run away when they discover you’ve got some protective stuff of your own. It just scares them away!

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7 Cutting your hair

This might not count as the widespread use of a traditional pocket knife, but it is still possible. This is mostly for the ladies who would find themselves in a position to cut their long hair short. The resulting hair may not be the type of style you adore on others, but a knife will surely get the job done. If you are curious about how this can be done, there are several videos online to help you do that.

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8 Getting rid of staples

Trying to open an important document without a regular staple remover can be a difficult and dicey situation. That is because if you are not careful, you could mess up the whole thing. I’m sure you do not want that to happen. That is where the knife comes in. It can act as a reliable substitute to a staple remover. Using a traditional pocket knife to remove staples can save you from damaging an essential document.

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9 Picking your teeth

Restaurants seem to have gotten a penchant for not having toothpicks available for their customers. It is hard to tell if they are doing it intentionally. But whatever the case, your traditional pocket knife can act as an emergency toothpick. You can safely use it to remove food particles that are stuck in between your teeth gaps. All you have to do is carefully direct your knife’s blade tip to where the food particle is sitting, and you would be fine.

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10 Fingernail cleaner

Keeping good hygiene should be our number one priority irrespective of wherever we find ourselves. So if we find ourselves in a place where we cannot access our fancy nail cleaners, we can use our traditional pocket knife instead. Just use it to scrub the bottom of the finger where the dirt is gathered. That’s all!

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A traditional pocket knife can serve as a multi-purpose tool when you have it with you. Thankfully, we have discussed ten legal reasons why a pocket knife makes a great companion. From saving you in life and death situations to how it can sharpen your pencil, a pocket knife can offer a lot of help in times of need. Besides, there are many other things you can do with a traditional pocket knife.

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