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Learn How to Trade Like a Professional with Forex.Com

Forex.com is one of the Forex brokers that are well known in the United States and in fact, it is just a trading name as it is actually run by a leading company which is called GAIN Capital and it is known as a leading Forex dealer in the Forex market and provider for online trading services. Forex.com tries to make its users satisfied through offering all the services that they may need for trading as professional traders. It presents quality executions, tight spreads, powerful and advanced tools, several and different platforms with the ability to access them through using the mobile phone and other services that guarantee the trading to be easy with the broker.

♦ Shows you the right way for online trading

Forex.com is in fact a perfect choice for Forex traders especially those which are novice traders who do not have the enough experience to start trading on their own and are not capable of making the right decisions concerning investing their money and trading different currencies or commodities. Forex.com decides to help its users to be professional traders through providing them with all the resources that they may need to know how to trade in the Forex market. With Forex.com, you can find video tutorials that come in the form of short videos in order not to be boring and to help you to easily learn at anytime you want, webinars and online courses, so it is really like a learning center that provides you with all what you may need to gain knowledge about trading and to become more confident while trading in the Forex market.

♦ Demo account

Forex.com tries to make its users confident while trading and to achieve that it offers the ability to open a demo account. Such an account is very beneficial for you especially if you are a novice trader and are not ready to trade. This account will help you to trade and try different trading strategies without the risk of losing money.

♦ Provides you with market analysis

As an online trader, you will need to get most of the services and information that are presented by Forex.com about the market. It provides you with market analysis that includes latest research which is always updated, weekly insights, technical outlook, live trading sessions, economic calendar, live squawk and market strategies. All of the information that is presented to you is substantial and necessary for you to make the right decision and decide the best time to make it. Without this information, you may risk your money and lose it. You have to take into consideration that all the information and recommendations that you get are general and about the market’s conditions. They are not presented as a personal recommendations for you only and that is why you have to decide the best and determine what suits you, your strategies and your own circumstances.

♦ Reliability & spreads

With Forex.com, there is nothing hidden even the spreads are announced for the customers to make everything clear and to make it transparent while trading. The spreads that are offered are tight and they differ according to the platform that you use, the conditions of the market, liquidity and volatility. The tightest fixed spreads can be found with the TRADE platform. Forex.com offers advanced and powerful tools to allow you to achieve your financial goals that you seek and to be able to trade efficiently.

♦ Different platforms

Forex.com presents to its customers several and different platforms to meet their needs that differ according to their trading strategies. You have the TRADE platform through which you can trade all the options that are offered, FOREXTrader PRO that is appropriate to Mac computers and MetaTrader 4 platform which offers automated trading using custom EAs, free EA hosting and personal customer support. You have the ability to access these platforms from your mobile phone and this is a great feature as it allows you to keep in touch with the latest news about the market and allows you to keep trading at anytime and anyplace wherever it is without being tied to a specific place or being forced to use a certain type of devices.

♦ Several options & languages

Forex.com offers several options for its customers as you have the chance to trade currencies, index CFDs or indices, interest rate CFDs, bond CFDs and commodity CFDs. To make it easy for the customers to trade without facing problems because of the language of the website or the platform that they do not master, Forex.com provides its users with 29 languages to understand the language that is used and to make trading with it easy.

♦ Customer support

Forex.com offers a 24-hour customer support from Sunday to Friday for the traders to answer all of their questions and handle the issues that they may face in order not to make them lose their money. There are multiple support channels that are offered such as phone, e-mail and live chat.

♦ Cons

For some of the traders with Forex.com, the spreads are little bit higher than those which can be found with other Forex brokers.

The overall rating is that Forex.com is helpful and recommended by most of the customers who tried trading with it. They assure that it helped them to trade and make profits although they did not have the enough experience when they started trading.

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