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{About Chris Lori}

He offers private consulting services to individuals and institutions which is looking to diversify their portfolio that is relating to the foreign exchange holdings and risk.He is a registered CTA and a fund manager for a private company where he is responsible for managing funds on behalf of private and institutional clients worldwide. He has written articles for financial publications in Singapore, USA and Canada and has been a guest on Canada’s “Money Talks” Radio show, Singapore’s Radio 938. He also has shared his techniques and insights with the traders and fund managers through all over the world as he is a popular speaker on the foreign exchange environment. Chris Lori has been placed on the global stage with frequent workshops and lectures in USA, Singapore, Canada, Europe and Australia, because of the high demand of him as a speaker, trainer and fund manager. He continues to achieve the excellence in his trading, mentoring career and fund management. Chris is a dynamic leader who knows and encourages the importance of discipline, integrity and truth through trading and through life.
Chris is hosting a website which includes free education and resources for FX traders.

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{Learn To Trade The Forex With In The Pro Traders Club}

  • It suits all traders and investors from the novice persons to the experienced.
  • Learn at your own pace.24\7 vedios on demand courses.
  • Comprehensive content including psychology, fundamentals, equity management and technical analysis.
  • Forex fund manager, institutional trader and CTA for instructor.

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As a review on posted by someone on the website saying I have gone through some of Chris Lori’s cd course material, and it is certainly comprehensive. I also watched a webinar of his recently that was also quite revealing. It was also a bit of a recruiter for one of his live seminars. As part of the preamble to the seminar he mentioned a London close strategy, and something called the Tokyo trade. These are not covered in his Pro Trader advanced FX course. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated”.

Another review posted by Richard, Sydney, Australia saying “Chris’s course is very reasonably priced & it is obvious when you meet him & get involved with or the Pro Traders Club that his primary objective is not to make money.
He likes to open people’s minds & give people a solid grounding to become the best trader they can be using solid principles.
I can recommend his course with absolute certainty. He is a very intelligent man, his knowledge is deep in Foreign Exchange, trader & human psychology & in making a success in any area of life really”.

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