Learn to Speak and Understand Italian Like a Native, in HALF the Time!

Learning Italian is substantial for those who like the Italian language and want to know more about it, want to communicate with their friends in Italian or those who want to travel to Italy for visiting it or for living there. New languages can be easily learnt now online through many courses that are available on the internet to help you to save your time and effort. There are courses that are presented by native speakers and this helps you to get the right pronunciation of the words and phrases. Other courses are presented by those who are not specialized in the new language that you want to learn and this leads to many problems such as making mistakes and giving wrong pronunciation for the words. In order to learn Italian through a good and reliable course, we offer Rocket Italian.

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Italian Learn to Speak and Understand Italian Like a Native, in HALF the Time!
gestures Learn to Speak and Understand Italian Like a Native, in HALF the Time!

What is Rocket Italian?

Rocket Italian is an online course that helps you to learn Italian easily and quickly in half the time that is usually taken for learning it through other courses. The course is presented to you by Maria Dilorenzi whose first language is Italian as she comes from Rome that is located in Italy. She is an Italian teacher who has spent more than 10 years in teaching Italian which makes her experienced in how to convey information to learners. You are going to get precise information and the right pronunciation for words and phrases because the course is presented to you by a native speaker. Rocket Italian makes learning Italian interesting to encourage you to continue learning instead of giving up quickly. It improves your speaking and understanding to the Italian language and shows you how to get a perfect accent to be like a native speaker.

How to improve your accent and speak Italian like a native speaker

With Rocket Italian, you will be able to speak and understand Italian easily and quickly in half the time that is usually taken for learning Italian through other traditional courses. The course improves your accent and helps you to speak fluently through providing you with 33 repeatable audio lessons that run for about 25 minutes as an average time. The audio lessons are based on using conversations that are divided into smaller parts or phrases and this process is called “Chunking”. This scientific process is proved to be effective as it helps learners to focus more on what they listen to without being distracted, understand it, make it easy to track what is said and remember what they learnt.

You are allowed to download the audio lessons to listen to them through using your laptop, MP3 player or your smartphone which helps you to play them at anytime and anyplace wherever it is. The audio lessons help you to listen and learn hundreds of words and they also allow you to practice speaking through using “Rocket Record”. You can use this tool to record yourself and this is beneficial for tracking your mistakes that you may make without being noticed.

How to improve your understanding to the Italian language

Improving your understanding to the Italian language can be achieved through following three steps. Rocket Italian presents to you 33 language and culture lessons that are explained in detail to show you step by step how to use the Italian language, what you should do and what should be avoided, provide you with audio tracks for learning more Italian vocabulary and there is also the Rocket Record that helps you to speak and record what you listen to. You have “Hear it Say it” tool that helps you to practice listening and to improve your understanding through choosing an audio track randomly for you to listen to it and after listening you are asked to record yourself and compare what you recorded to what the native speaker says to make sure that what you understood is true.

Another tool is “Know it” which allows you to quickly respond to others who speak Italian instead of waiting and staying silent to think about what you should say. It depends on choosing words and phrases randomly, but this time they will be in English and not in Italian, you are asked to translate them into Italian and record your translation to compare it to that of the Italian speaker and this allows you to check your answer, rate yourself and listen if your translation is right or not.

How to accelerate your learning to the Italian language

You are provided with many tips, tricks and techniques that are essential and required for advanced learning and for reducing the time that is needed for learning Italian as a new language. There are multiple recommendations that are presented to you with each lesson to help you to understand what to do and the fastest way to finish it without taking a long time and wasting it on thinking about what should be done.

How does it encourage you to learn?

Rocket Italian makes learning interesting instead of being boring through using fun ways. It encourages you to continue learning instead of giving up quickly through presenting enjoyable lessons that are based on conversations which are derived from everyday and real life conversations and this makes the course more interesting to be learnt and to be able to communicate with others who speak Italian. In addition to the conversations that are actually used by the Italian speakers, you will also get games that will help you to learn and gain knowledge unconsciously without feeling that you do it. You have Word-Master game that helps you to learn letters and words and there is also the Phrase-Master game that shows you how to form phrases using different Italian words. There are badges that are offered to you when you move up a level and this encourages you to increase your effort and boost your level to get more badges.

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italian-badge-400 Learn to Speak and Understand Italian Like a Native, in HALF the Time!

How to get your problems resolved

It is possible when you learn the Italian language to face problems that may work as obstacles and slow the speed of your learning. For this reason, Rocket Italian offers unlimited 24/7 lifetime online access to the forum which includes Italian teachers, native speakers and other members who learn Italian like you. This forum is considered to be a great chance for you as it helps you to make use of others’ experiences, ask all the questions that puzzle you and you can also ask for resolving the problems that may arise when you learn Italian. There is a members’ hotline that is allocated for receiving all the technical problems that you may face to handle them as fast as possible.

How much does this course cost?

Rocket Italian offers two options with different prices to meet different needs and budgets. The first option is 20CD Pack that also includes lifetime online access and it costs $299.95 with free shipping to any place around the world. The other option is instant 24/7 lifetime online access and it is lower in its price than the first option, more common and demanded by most of the customers because it costs just $99.95. The two options come with 3 additional bonuses, lifetime upgrades and a 60-day money-back guarantee that allows you to get a full refund in case you find during the first 60 days that the course is not beneficial for you and does not help you to boost your level in the Italian language and speak with a perfect accent like a native speaker. You can also try Rocket Italian for 6 days for free.

New-Picture3 Learn to Speak and Understand Italian Like a Native, in HALF the Time!

What is the overall rating?

According to learners who used Rocket Italian, it is the most comprehensive and up-to-date course that helped them to learn Italy easily and quickly without the need to purchase other sources for learning Italian or to exert a huge effort because everything is explained in detail to be easily followed. The conversations that they listen to are really interactive and helped them to easily talk to other Italian speakers confidently without the fear of making mistakes or taking time to think what they should say. It increased their Italian vocabulary, improved their understanding and their Italian pronunciation to be like native speakers. It makes learning interesting though using games which helped them to continue learning unlike other courses that make learning very boring. So, if you want to learn Italian easily and quickly without costing yourself a lot of money and without exerting a huge effort for a long time, then you can choose Rocket Italian Premium.

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