Learn How to Make Wooden Jewelry on Your Own Designs..

The Wooden jewelry; it is a different type of jewels which is more fashionable and simple. It is jewelry made of wood with a specific craft provided with various colors. Wooden jewelry are available in all types and colors; wooden rings, wooden necklaces, or wooden earrings. There are many pieces of wooden jewelry such as boxes.

You can also make your wooden jewelry by yourself and with your own designs and styles. Making wooden jewelry is not a difficult craft, it become popular and most of the people make wooden jewelry as a hobby. With using a light kind of wood such as balsa, you can turn your own designs into pieces of jewels which you can sell or keep to yourself. Handmade jewels are very precious and have different designs and styles from others.

To make your own handmade jewelry,  just you have to follow these tips:

  1. Make your own designs of jewelry pieces or make design on papers.
  2. Use a light kind of wood such as balsa which is suitable in wearing and very comfortable in carving jewelry. Heavy kinds of wood like oak or maple are good, but suit  some other crafts more than this.
  3. Use a small knife to carve the wood into shapes like moon, stars or even hearts. Balsa is very soft wood, so it will not be difficult in carving it.
  4.  Use a small drill bit to make holes into the pieces of jewelry, where you will put the chain in. The chain could be silver or real gold, then make your pieces into bracelets, necklaces, rings or earrings.

To finish your jewelry, use a lacquer or a glue. Use acrylic paints or spray colors to color the pieces of jewelry; you can add some glitter to make the pieces look more bright.

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