Learn How to Get a Federal Firearms License “FFL”

Purchasing a firearm through the internet or via mail orders costs a lot of money as the average fee that is required by dealers on the internet to accept a firearm ranges from $25 to $75 and it may exceed this according to the dealer with whom you deal. If you succeeded to have your own FFL which means Federal Firearms License, you will be able to save a lot of money instead of paying to dealers. Through your FFL, you will be able to get the firearms that you want at low prices which are the wholesale prices and this also enables you to resell them to other customers and achieve high profits. There are websites that offer to show you how to get the FFL Kit that you need, but in fact some of them do not have FFL or their FFL Kit is not updated. To help you to get your FFL, we provide you with

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What can do for you?

“” is the original Federal Firearms License Kit since 1997 which means that it is experienced in the field of firearms industry and helping those who want to get a FFL for more than 16 years. This makes it aware of all the requirements for getting a FFL and this helps you to get the best service and the most reliable consultation that is needed for obtaining your FFL. Rodney Davis Sr. PhD is specialized in Federal Firearms License help and presents to you the FFL licensing information and consultation that is updated to cope with the latest changes in the firearms industry. allows you to get the Federal Firearms License that you want or the FFL as it is commonly known. It helps you to save your money as you do not have to waste it on paying retail for firearms, ammunition and sporting goods. You can get your FFL from retail location, office or even from home that is approved by ATF.

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Who can get a FFL?

You have to know that getting a FFL which is approved by AFT has its conditions as it is only available for those who are 21 years old or more, are not prevented from transporting, shipping and possessing firearms or ammunition, have not violated Gun Control Act and other factors that are taken into consideration to approve your application when you decide to get your FFL. In order to get your FFL, you have to apply for that and your application is not guaranteed to be accepted because only one mistake that is very simple can lead to delaying your application or completely denying it. helps you to get your application accepted without being delayed or denied. It provides you with a step-by-step plan that shows you how to do that in detail to present the right application without making any mistake.

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What does the kit include?

The kit that you will get includes a step-by-step guide and instructions that are substantial for filling out your application and getting it accepted, updated information to cope with what is new in the field of obtaining a FFL, comprehensive file that includes BATF field offices plus phone numbers, BATF- approved acquisitions and dispositions book, a chapter that is specified for discussing day to day operational issues, list of the best wholesalers, the needed information about merchant account for credit card acceptance to build your own business online as a gun dealer, the substantial yellow BATF Wall Sign, having access to the FFL Applicant Mega Site and GUNSMITH information section, free direct order link to get hard copies of books from ATF, new ATF how-to guides for transactions and other operations in this field, new NICS FBI Information with C&R licensing requirements, EZ A&D record keeping software and you will be provided with the needed support to help you to get your FFL and start your online business.


What about the customer support?

It provides you with the best personal support that you need for resolving all of your problems, answering all the questions that puzzle you and for providing you with the needed consultation. Your application for getting a FFL is going to be reviewed to be guaranteed and to be completely right without any mistakes.

There are two options for getting a FFL:

There is Basic FFL Kit that is offered with instant access, all necessary forms, detailed instructions that are required for getting your FFL application accepted, having access to FFL site that is available for members only, getting the needed support after sale, free copy gun collection software, additional special bonus, exclusive secret wholesalers list and all of these features are offered at a low and affordable price which is just $19.49.

The other option is Ultimate FFL Kit that costs more than the previous option as you can get it for $49.99. It offers the same features of the previous option plus free A&D recordkeeping software. The fee that is required for getting a Type 1 Dealer License is $200 for 3 years and to renew your license for another 3 years, you will need to pay $90.

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Is there any guarantee? offers 150% money back guarantee that helps you to keep your mind peaceful and it allows you to get all of your money back in case you find that the guide and other instructions do not work for you and do not help you to get the FFL that you want. Getting a FFL is going to be more difficult and not easy as it is now, so it is your chance if you want to get one for yourself to save your money start your online business and get high profits. Do not hesitate until it becomes late and unaffordable for you to get a FFL as a result of the policy of obtaining it that is going to be changed.

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