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Learn How To Choose Colors Of Makeup Which Suits Your Skin Tone

Every woman wants to know what and how to choose colors of makeup which suits her skin tone, but how?! You can ask a professional to help you in choosing or learn how to choose the best colors. Colors of makeup differs according to seasons, clothes and styles as the latest new colors may not be the best choice for you; so here we will show you how to choose the right colors of make for your skin tone.

1. You should determine your skin tone: stay in a place where is a yellow light or fluorescent light, then wear a white shirt and look in the mirror. There are many colors of skin, but the two basic skin tones are cool and warm. See if your skin appears to have more blue-pink (cool tones) or more yellow-red (warm tones). After determining your skin tone, you can choose your makeup colors.

2. Decide your skin color in which category it falls more whether fair, medium, olive or dark: by determining the nearest category, you will be able to find a color palette more quickly. People who have the same skin color, do not always have the same skin tone.

3. Choose a foundation that matches with your skin color: you may need to change your foundation from winter to summer as it depends on whether your skin changes and gets darker in summer months or not.

4. Select a blush which will blend into your skin: it is usually used to highlight cheeks, so it should not look streaky.

5. Choose the color of eye shadow which enhances your eye color: choose an eye shadow which should be right for your eye color, skin tone and skin color as well.

6. Select the color of lipstick: first, apply it on a white paper as a test to determine its dominant color.