Learn How To Check Your Pulse Without Any Equipment

If you have a heart condition or just trying to lose weight, so you will want to check your pulse to determine your heart rate. Now, you could check your pulse without any equipment and in easily and painlessly way. Here we will show you the steps of checking your pulse by yourself to determine your heart rate.

1. Use your fingers to find the pulse: do not use your thumb as it has its own pulse. To find the pulse which is on the inside of the wrist, use the pads of two of your fingers then press lightly until you feel the pulse under your fingers and if necessary you can move your fingers around to find the pulse. To find the carotid pulse: it is better to place your index and middle fingers on the side of your neck between the windpipe and the large muscle then press lightly until you feel the pulse.

2. Check and record the rate, rhythm and strength: use a watch or a clock to make a note of the rate of the pulse, check the rhythm if it is regular or irregular, check the strength of the pulse as if it is strong or weak and the number of the beats per minute. If you do not have a watch or a clock, you can count your beats for 15 seconds then multiplying by 4 to get your heart rate per minute.

This is the normal heart rate when your body is at rest. For adults, the normal heart rate is 60:100 beats per minute. For children, the normal heart rate is 70:100 beats per minute.

The maximum heart rate: it is the highest heart rate which your pulse can get. To find out your maximum heart rate, just follow this formula 220-(your age)= the predicted maximum heart rate.

The target heart rate: which is usually accomplished through exercise and it is about 60:85 percent of your maximum heart rate.

In the case if you can not find your pulse, just follow these steps:

1. Put your fingertips in different places in your wrist and stop in each location for five seconds till you find the pulse.

2. Vary the pressure of your fingertips: you may need to press harder or to lighten up your pressure to feel the pulse.

3. Gripe your arm down towards the floor until you feel your pulse.

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