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Lean Belly Breakthrough.. Weight Loss with the Help of Nature

Weight loss is not an easy job. Not just because it requires patience and hard work, but also due to the huge amount of products that promise to help people lose weight effortlessly. Such tendency, which unfortunately has become popular, has distracted many from the profound purpose of weight loss; health. You need to make effort to lose weight by turning your life to a more healthier version. You shouldn’t seek losing weight only to look attractive and sexy. In fact, obesity is a basic element of several diseases and health complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Things start to get more serious when crossing the mid-thirties, due to the gradual reduction of metabolism. And while the possibilities of developing diseases due to overweight increase when hitting the 40s, 50s and 60s, the chances of losing weight decrease due to the reduction of metabolism along with the fact that many haven’t been used to healthy habits; for example, if you are not used to healthy food and exercising, it is not easy to adopt them in your 50s and 60s. Well, Bruce Krahn believes his program “Lean Belly Breakthrough” which recommended by many weight loss blogs, can help.

Krahn & Lean Belly Breakthrough

Bruce Krahn is a fitness trainer and owner of several published body transformation programs. He has trained many clients, including celebrities like Criss Angel. The Lean Belly Breakthrough program targets the chronic inflammation, which is described on the official website as the root cause of abdominal fat gain, diabetes and heart disease. The inflammation treatment is not a prescription this time; it is some food recipes, herbs, spices and specific natural body movements. Lean Belly methods are scientifically proven and known in German. Moreover, they were tried by some of Bruce Krahn’s clients and found effective. The source of the program is a German naturopathic doctor whose real name is concealed. His pseudonym that Krahn uses is Dr. Heinrick.

The program mainly addresses men and women over the age of 35. No intense exercises, harsh diets or supplements are involved. It is more like a gradual system to apply some healthy habits to your life. It comprises lists of good foods that help in getting rid of fats, desserts that are good for those who have blood sugar problems, foods that boost libido, and bad food that can trigger heart attacks, to avoid of course; there is also the method of the German doctor, to reduce excess fat from different parts of the body; detailed explanations of how to utilize your sleeping metabolism, and burn more fat in the same amount of time; and 60-second workout program and video.

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Pros and cons of the product

As everything in life, Lean Belly Breakthrough has positives and negatives. Let’s have a look at some.


1 The money back guarantee

It is stated clearly on the website that there is a 60-day money back guarantee in case the customer wasn’t satisfied with the program.

2 previous experience

The fact that Bruce Krahn is an experienced trainer and specialist in losing weight is an assuring factor.

3 Adopting natural technique

Using food recipes and body movements to face the chronic inflammation, a main cause of obesity, is not common in North America.

Bruce Krahn Lean Belly Breakthrough.. Weight Loss with the Help of Nature - 3


1 emotional publicity

The way the product is represented on the Lean Belly official website drove many to think it is a scam; exaggerations, inaccurate information and redundant stories. In other words, it depends on emotional, not logical persuade strategy. For example, it is stated that you can lose 1 pound daily with the help of the program; such rapid weight loss is neither realistic nor healthy; the CDC states that losing more than 1-2 pounds per week might be considered a crash diet which the majority of physicians do not recommend. Also, the main problem that the program targets, chronic inflammation, is not directly mentioned; only described as “hidden internal irritation”.

2 Commitment is required

However the program is not hard, it requires effort and commitment to get yourself stuck to it, especially if you are not used to healthy food. It’s important to realize that it is not magic; no product is.

3 the lack of satisfying customer reviews

Informative reviews for customers who actually bought the product, tried and recorded the changes and their experience accurately are really few. The almost only source we found for such testimonials are the ones provided by Bruce Krahn himself on the Lean Belly website, and this one for Sophia Bell and Ellie Marino.

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Lean Belly le Lean Belly Breakthrough.. Weight Loss with the Help of Nature - 5

Sophia and Ellie review of Lean Belly

Sophia and Ellie are Hawaiian health coaches who were able to test the program with the help of a 52-year-old lady who was 23 pounds overweight when the three of them started a one-month experience. The food recipes were something that both of the coaches praised, for being healthy, easy and tasty. By the end of the 30 days, the hula-dance master, their 3rd fellow, has lost 11 pounds of fat, which is what Sophia and Ellie described as a “decent result”. Nevertheless, it is strange that they gave Lean Belly the whole five stars; the difference between the results given and promised is quite big. And there are no photos for Kiki, the Hawaiian dancer and main experimenter of the product. View the complete clients reviews here.

If you tested Lean Belly Breakthrough, know someone who did, or informative and objective reviews and testimonials, share what you have with us.

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