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About LayeredTech Company:

Layered Tech is a company that offers PCI compliant hosting, cloud hosting and other valuable services that meet the needs of the business that doesn’t have the capital to support these types of services, but still needs them to run their websites on a high technological standard.

Their customer base spans from web 2.0 start ups to large corporations and they offer each the impeccable service such a business would demand.  They have been in existence since 2004 and over the years have far exceeded the demands of the business world.   In 2006, they added cloud hosting to their many services, giving their users the ability to use server resources they never would have been able to afford.

From 2008 to 2010, they continued their incredible advances with the addition of dedicated hosting services and then the addition of compliant hosting.  The addition of compliant hosting has enabled Layered Tech to help their clients with the challenges of industry and regulatory data security validation.


Layered Tech Hosting Popularity Review:

&u LayeredTech Reviews (Ratings - Uptime - Support - Specials and Offers)
Layered Tech Alexa Popularity Review


LayeredTech Services & Features Review:

Layered Tech offers PCI and HIPPA compliant hosting; Cloud hosting that has Virtual Private Data Centers (VPDC) and Virtual Machines, LayeredTech VPS, and dedicated LayeredTech servers that are made up of the best infrastructure and security components.  They also offer four levels of managed services, so you choose how much or how little Layered Tech does.


What I Liked More in LayeredTech:

The advantages to Layered Tech hosting are having their 4 tiered platform of client services that include choice, precision, proactive support, and attentive focus.  These four factors, combined, make Layered Tech a choice that will truly support the needs of your business with LayeredTech specials.

Since they offer a lot more than the standard services and products other managed hosting companies do, they are truly setting the standard for the industry with a bar that is set high.

Layered Tech is a reliable choice for businesses that back up their claims with high quality performance.  They’re not all talk and that is so important in this industry.  Not only do they offer the best of the best, they back it up with hardcore client support (Layered Tech support forums) that is unbeatable.


What I Didn’t Like in LayeredTech:

There is nothing I didn’t like about Layered Tech, but their site can be overwhelming for someone who isn’t knowledgeable in these types of services and systems.  However, due to the pinpointed help they offer, this didn’t become an insurmountable barrier because I had their guidance and input.


LayeredTech Support:

Layered Tech hosting will help you figure out exactly what you need and how to put it all together.  You will never be floundering along on your own, not knowing what you’re doing.  Once they have helped you determine your needs, they match you with the highly trained experts that can help you pull it all together.


Final Conclusion:

This is the company to go with if you’re looking for in-depth, high quality services that can protect the security of your business.  With second to none technology, impeccable expertise in their field, and outstanding customer support, Layered Tech will give your business the professionalism and security you’re looking for.

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  1. The 4 tiered platform is definitely unique! Hmm… if they offer a trial or a discount, I’d give them a whirl :).

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