Top Funniest Advertising Slogans

The funny slogans can be used in advertising , on t-shirts , in campaigns , on houses or companies . When any one sees a funny slogan , the smile starts to be obvious on his/her face . Funny slogans make people laugh from the bottom of their hearts with simple words . There is no thing faster than these funny slogans in making you laugh , it puts the smile on your face .

Some of the funny slogans are because of its irony and satire , other slogans because of not translated well , other slogans are misunderstood by many people , others have a different intention from what it is saying .

Some of these slogans are :

People say nothing is impossible , but I do nothing every day .

My mind works like lightning ; One brilliant flash, and it’s gone .

My favourite exercise is smiling .

Always coca cola .

Go to school on an egg .

Fun anyone ? Playstation 2 .

I’m lovin’ it .. McDonald’s .

The joy of Pepsi .. Pepsi cola .

Fluent in finance .. Barclay’s .

Have a break .. have a kit kat .

These are the top famous of the most funniest slogans for advertisement . Some companies made these special and strange slogans only to attracts people and customers . In spite , some of these slogans are inappropriate , but it attracts people to laugh from the bottom of their hearts .


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