Latest Education Trends – What to Expect in Future

Education is the base for the renaissance of any nation. The progress of any country all over the world results from its developed education. So, it is very necessary to pay attention and give special care to develop education in our countries to help ourselves to move forward and cope with the progress of the developed countries. No one can deny that our education suffer from too many problems that work as hinders on the way of our progress. We can find that the classrooms are over crowded with students, no concentration in classes, learning is totally based on the teacher, lack of connectivity between school and family or society and other problems that affect the quality of education in our countries. Researches are always done to solve such problems and improve the quality of education, so new education trends such as the following ones appear to help us to overcome the problems that we face in education.

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-Education is going to be more connected with the community and all surroundings such as media and technology which means more clarity about the state of our education.

-Curriculum will be developed to cope with the new changes and the technological revolution that changed our lives and concepts.

-Depending more on self learning and reducing the traditional way of learning which is easily presenting information by the teacher as it is proved that self learning is more effective than other ways.

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-Reducing the use of student books and depending more on other technological sources of information that include more information.

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How Technology Changed Online Education

-The student is going to be the center of the educational process which means that the role of students is going to be expanded than the role of the teacher to share more in class and suggest new ideas.

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-More dependence on technology which facilitates the learning operation.

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Classroom in Niue

-Learning trends to be more individualized to meet the needs and requirements of each student.

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-Developing higher education for graduating good students who are highly qualified to meet the needs of our society.

-Using games and simulations for teaching students, but it will not be limited to young students. It will be expanded to include mature students also.

-The role of the teacher will be reduced to give more chance for the students to share their ideas in the class and the teacher will work as a director to help them when they need.

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-Formal and informal learning will be developed to have different and several methods.

-Depending on portable devices such as iPads and mobile phones with using special applications.

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-Increasing the distance learning that facilitates the learning process and solves the problem of overcrowded classes.

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-Increasing the use of practical learning that is based on experiments instead of theoretical one.

-The rate of investments in education will increase and new organizations will take part in developing the learning process.

-Assessing the level of students will be converted from depending on exams and scoring marks to new technological tools and methods.

-Increasing the international connection between communities to enrich the learning process and keep in touch with the new methods of teaching and learning.

-Education will be based on interaction that activate the students.

The future of education

-Education will be easier for many people and will be affordable.

-Education is going to be at home instead of going to schools.


Finally, all these trends will help to overcome hinders in learning such as long distances, high costs and  wasting time.

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