Best Language Learning Apps

Mobile apps have turned language learning into an interesting game. You can now learn new languages ​​through communication with native speakers, funny quests, memes, videos, and pictures. It doesn’t take a lot of time. Spend those minutes you’re waiting in lines or spending on public transportation to your advantage. In this article, we will tell you about the best language learning applications according to

1 Babbel

In exchange for 135 megabytes of free space on your mobile, you will receive a program compiled by a team of experts in foreign language learning. The app has 14 languages ​​in its arsenal. One lesson will take you 10-15 minutes, and as a result, you will be able to speak a foreign language on a variety of topics confidently. Simultaneously, the authors promise that you do not just memorize words and grammar and will absolutely understand what you say yourself and what your partner talks about.

Babbel-language-app Best Language Learning Apps

Babbel-language-app Best Language Learning Apps

2 Rosetta Stone

One of the most popular and mature (first appeared in 1992) software products. Thanks to it, users get several useful and interesting hours studying any of the 30 languages ​​that this application has. You can intuitively memorize words and grammar by doing exercises that combine text, pictures, and sound. In this case, the tasks will gradually become more difficult. If you have a microphone, Rosetta Stone will compare your pronunciation with the correct one and give you a score. These scores are saved so you can review them throughout your practice sessions, helping you track your own progress.

Rosetta-Stone-app Best Language Learning Apps

Rosetta-Stone-app-2 Best Language Learning Apps

3 Mondly

This free app offers the user daily lessons in any of the 33 languages ​​presented. The choice is huge, from European languages ​​to Hindi, Farsi, Vietnamese, and Afrikaans. Mondly’s developers assure that the app is suitable for both beginners and those looking to improve their language skills. Beginners are encouraged to start with simple dialogues with basic words, while experienced ones can go straight to the next step. As a result of studying, you will memorize at least 5,000 foreign words and learn how to use them correctly in different situations.

Mondly-app Best Language Learning Apps

Mondly-app-1 Best Language Learning Apps

4 Busuu

This popular application allows you to learn 12 foreign languages ​​(simultaneously or gradually). Busuu has not only European languages but also Japanese, Arabic, Turkish and Chinese. Learning takes place through simple exercises, courses (levels A1 – B2), and speaking practice with native speakers. For each language, the app offers 150 most important topics and 3,000 words.

Busuu-app Best Language Learning Apps

5 AnkiApp

Most of us have tried this way of learning foreign words: you take a card, write the word in your native language on one side and the translation on the other. This is the basis of AnkiApp, but the app also offers to evaluate how difficult it was for you to remember the translation. The program records your answers and, with this data, adjusts the period after which it will show you the word again. You can use ready-made sets of cards (there are more than 80,000,000 of them) or add the words yourself that you need. The application has several dozen languages ​​in its arsenal.

AnkiApp Best Language Learning Apps

AnkiApp-2 Best Language Learning Apps

6 Memrise

This app is a great companion for those looking to improve their vocabulary. The program’s repertoire includes more than 200 languages, for each of which there are ready-made lists of words and phrases. Memrise employs scientific methods and uses the spaced repetition technique. The app will remind you of itself at the right time so that you don’t forget what you have already learned. To make it easier to memorize words, voice acting, videos, and memes are used.

Memrise-app-1 Best Language Learning Apps

Memrise-app-2 Best Language Learning Apps

7 Duolingo

This application is famous all over the world. With the help of Duolingo, millions of users in all corners of the world learn foreign languages. Here you can learn 4 languages: English, Spanish, French, and German. The application will teach you how to read, speak and listen, offer interesting tasks, and reward you with points for correct answers. The developers claim that 34 hours of a Duolingo course is comparable to a full semester of language studies at a university. Only the app will teach you completely free of charge.

Duolingo-app Best Language Learning Apps

8 HelloTalk

The app teaches 100 languages ​​using native speakers as teachers. HelloTalk has a built-in translator as well as transliteration to help beginners solve communication problems. You can choose between two types of training. The first option involves exchanging voice messages with your conversation partner. HelloTalk records your speech in your native language and translates it to the language your partner speaks. The same thing happens in reverse order. The second way assumes a text format of communication. To do this, the app has a chat with automatic translation and the ability to check and correct your message before sending it. Such communication with native speakers in a format convenient for you contributes to gaining knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere and does not look like boring memorization of words.

HelloTalk-app Best Language Learning Apps

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