Do You Know The Causes Of Your Puffy Eyes?!

What are puffy eyes?!

A puffy eye is the situation when the eyes begin swelling, but it has many different conditions. There are some conditions which may require examination by an eye-care professional.

Do You Know The Causes Of Your Puffy Eyes?!

 It is very important to know the reasons which cause the puffy eyes, beside that you have to understand that the skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin of your whole body and the most sensitive to change whether from the regular makeup application or any other damage from the rest of your body. Eyes’ Puffiness can come from a range of reasons: such as diet, aging, dehydration, stress, eating a salty dinner or watching a tear-jerker before going to bed, also it can come from a cold or sinus infection and seasonal allergies. There is also another reason of puffy eyes which could come from the way you sleep, this means that when sleeping on your side or your stomach, it may cause fluids to pool in your eyes. So you have to determine if this is exactly your problem or not, then try to change the way you sleep as it is better to sleep on your back. There are also more and more reasons of puffiness including falling asleep with makeup on or rubbing your eyes a lot before going to sleep. These manners will absolutely irritate your eyes, beside that it may lead to wrinkles and breakouts.

Cutting down on these behaviors will reduce this unsightly issue. If you have fluid retention thanks to a salty meal, try snacking on bananas or raisins, which will alleviate the problem. If tears are your issue, try applying a cool compress under your eyes, or cooled-down tea bags.







How to avoid getting puffy eyes?!

To prevent your eyes from becoming puffy, there are many things that you can do such as:

1. Keep your body cleansed.

2. Drink plenty of water.

3. Avoid irritants such as smoke.

4. Avoid allergens when possible.

5. Increase your vitamin intake.

6. Limit using sodium (salt) when possible.

7. Avoid rubbing your eyes, but when it is urgent, it is better to apply cold compresses.

8. Talk with an eye-care professional.


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