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How Do You Know Your Bracelet Size?

Purchasing jewelry is one of the best, easiest and most interesting things that you can do as when you go to any jewelry store, you start looking at different pieces of jewelry to choose the best and most breathtaking designs and styles that catch your eyes and enhance your beauty. It is easy to choose different pieces of jewelry such as earrings, rings and necklaces, but what about bracelets? Purchasing bracelets is not difficult, but you have first to know the bracelet size that you need. To order the right bracelet size that fits you, you have to know the actual size of your wrist. The most comfortable and common bracelet size that is preferred by most of the women ranges from 7 – 7 ½ inches and this is considered to be the standard bracelet size. Do you still want to know how to get the size of your wrist? Let’s discover how to do that.


In order to choose the right bracelet that fits your wrist, you first need to know your bracelet size that is based on your wrist size.

♦ To know your wrist size, you will need to measure it through using a soft and flexible tape measure.

♦ Wrap the tape measure around your wrist on the area that is between the wrist bone and your hand.

♦ Measure tightly and the result that you will get is your actual and correct wrist size.

♦ For getting your correct bracelet size, you will need to add about ¼ inch, ½ inch or 1 inch to the wrist size that you get before.

♦ The more inches you add to your actual wrist size, the wider your bracelet will be.

basic bracelet two fingers

Using a soft tape measure is the best and easiest way for measuring your wrist and knowing your bracelet size, but there is no problem if you do not have a tape measure. Instead of the tape measure, you can use a thin string or a strip of paper and wrap it around your wrist between your hand and the wrist bone. Mark the string or paper where it overlaps and then lay the string or strip flat and use a ruler to measure it up to the mark that you created before.


Make sure that the different items which you choose for measuring your actual wrist size are not large and thick because such items will affect the results that you get and you will not be able to know the accurate bracelet size that you need. Using bulky items such as chains and beaded bracelets will make the inner circumference smaller than the length of these items when they are laid flat.


What are the standard bracelet sizes?

Extra Small XS – “6.5 inches” → is suitable for those women who have small wrists.

Small S – “7 inches” → fits women with average wrist size.

Medium M – “8 inches” → is appropriate for women with large wrists and men with average wrist size.

♦ Large L – “9 inches” → fits men who have large wrists.

♦ Extra large XL – “9.5 inches” → is suitable for those men who have extra large wrists.

1 inch = 2.45 cm


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