What Do You Know About Bermuda Triangle?

Hundreds of planes disappeared?  Many people died?  A lot of inexplicable accidents take place? All of that happened in the Atlantic Ocean? This is the curse of Bermuda Triangle; all the venues are explored to reveal the hidden reasons. Bermuda Triangle is located in a region in the north-west of the Atlantic Ocean with about half a million square miles, where a number of airplanes and ships are said to have vanished under unexplained circumstances. It is formed by a triangle, whose three points are Florida, islands of Bermuda and Puerto Rico. In September 17, 1950, an article published in (The Associated Press) by Edward Van Winkle Jones reported that extraordinary disappearances occurred in the Bermuda Triangle.

In early 1952, George X. Sands stated in a report published in Fate magazine that there is a plenty of outlandish accidents had taken place in the area of the Bermuda Triangle. Many of the incidents in that region are captivating and they may have been caused by some natural circumstances that ship crews and aircrews have to bear in mind. Statistics have not indicated that the amount of accidents is soaring in an abnormal way or that these accidents lack explanation.

Lawrence David Kusche, the author of The Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Solved (1975) suggested that there are many writers who make a mountain out of a molehill when giving some explanations. Kusche referred that a great percentage of the accidents that caused allegations of the Triangle actually took place outside the alleged area of the Triangle. Kusche brought to a close that the number of ships and planes reported missing in the Bermuda Triangle was not considerably greater than that in any other part of the ocean. Furthermore, he added that some writers would fall short to mention that this area is exposed to storms. It is really an issue that leads people and scientists to take leave of their senses.

Consequently, there are supernatural explanations for the mystery of the Triangle. Writers made use of a plenty of supernatural concepts to clarify the occurrence of these events. One explanation suggests that this may be due to the remaining technology from the legendary lost continent of Atlantis. Others pin the blame on to the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). A science fiction film by Steven Spielberg developed this idea; it is called Close Encounters of the Third Kind, which accuses aliens and other extraterrestrial activities to be in charge of the lost Flight 19 aircrews in March 1918, at some point in World War I. An author, called Charles Berlitz who wrote a lot about the abnormal phenomena, mentions quite a lot of theories referring that the missing of planes and ships in the Triangle happened due some unordinary powers.

On the hand, others adopted natural explanations for this “vortex of doom”. One of them is the violent weather. Tropical storms are very influential; they take place in tropical waters and historically have claimed thousands of lives. In 1502, the first recorded living proof of a harsh cyclone is the sinking of Francisco de Bobadilla’s Spanish fleet. This kind of storms has played a role in several accidents related to the Triangle.

Other suggested explanations are given, including some physical forces that science does not recognize, such as a “hole in the sky,” and an extraordinary chemical element existing in the area’s seawater. Many books have referred that a technologically and highly developed race that exists beneath the water or in some place at this area is responsible for directing planes and ships to catastrophes.

Furthermore, some official institutions blamed the human beings for the occurrence of several incidents in such area. Human mistakes and wrong decisions may lead to a disaster. It is the case on January 1, 1958, when businessman Harvey Conover misled his sailing yacht, the Revonoc, as he sailed into the very core of a hurricane at the south of Florida.

Back in time till Christopher Columbus’s era, the appalling reputation of the Triangle came into light at that time. On October 8, 1492, he checked his compass to discover that it was giving bizarre readings that are around in the bend.

Nonetheless, there are numerous reported disappearances occurred within the Devil’s Triangle area. One of them is four-engine Tudor IV air-plane that was lost in 1948, with 31 on board. In addition, an American freighter, called the SS Sandra was lost in 1952, again a British York transport plane, reported missing in 1952, with 33 on board. Then, a U.S. Navy seaplane having ten people of its crew was reported missing in 1956.

Bermuda Triangle killed about a thousand lives throughout the twentieth century, with about 10 people died yearly. Scientific assessments of the Bermuda Triangle have brought to a close that the number of disappearances in the area is ordinary and that most of the accidents have commonsensical explanations. Yet, paranormal associations with the Bermuda Triangle keep it up in the people thoughts.

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