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Best King Baby Jewelry Pieces

These days, King Baby jewelry collection has the best gothic jewels in sterling silver. If you are interested in this kind of jewelry, you can find fantastic designs that can give you a rebellious and wild look, especially if you are rock lover or a biker.

Mitchell Binder, the designer of King Baby jewelry, started out as a jewel apprentice at age 15. Soon after, he started to design his own pieces. With his charismatic personality and the right contacts, Mitchell became the jeweler for rock stars and Hollywood celebrities. At that time, his fans include Liz Taylor, rock n roll royalties, and the biker crowd.

In the earlier years, King Baby jewelry designs were for men but this changed in 2007 when Queen Baby was introduced for women. King Baby Studio is now offering handcrafted jewelry which combines chunky sterling silver with leather and precious stones. Mitchell’s creations are large and bold pieces which feature edgy motifs like daggers and skulls as well as crowned hearts and roses.
The jewel pieces from King Baby collection are worn by celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Paris Hilton, and Kelly Gray. When you choose King Baby’s jewelry, you can get a stylish look without spending a fortune. These are some of the pieces that can find when shopping:

  • King Baby Crown Ring in Sterling Silver: Make a bold statement with this high-quality sterling silver ring. Cut in a crown shape, this unique ring from King Queen Baby collection boasts realistic looking silver jewels. With a height of .75 inch, the ring is the ideal combination for day-to-day wear because it’s not too flashy.
  • King Baby Check Mate Link Bracelet: This chain bracelet for men from the Industrial Romance collection can help you to make a commanding statement. The bracelet has a chunky rocker style and the edgy character of a bold biker.
  • King Baby 18 Inch Curb Link Chain with 3-D Paves Cubic Zirconia Crown Heart Pendant Necklace: Jazz up your everyday wear with this baby necklace from Queen Baby collection. This stunning pendant in sterling silver can go well with any King Baby jewelry. The heart pendant has a small crown and is adorned with white pave cubic zirconia. This easy-to-wear necklace with a glamorous motif can be paired with cubic zirconia or diamond stud earrings.

If you are going to a rock concert or on a biking trip, King Baby jewelry will give you the right look. When you choose baby accessories from King Baby line of jewelry, you are guaranteed to get a sexy and bold look. You can definitely turn heads whenever you are wearing necklaces, rings, and bracelets from this trendy jewelry collection.

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King-Baby-Coin-Mens-Large-Heart-Coin-and-Wing-on-Leather-Pendant-Necklace Best King Baby Jewelry Pieces
King Baby Coin Men’s Large Heart Coin and Wing on Leather Pendant Necklace



King-Baby-Wide-Relic-Band-Sterling-Silver-Ring Best King Baby Jewelry Pieces
King Baby Wide Relic Band Sterling Silver Ring


King-Baby-Wide-Band-with-Stars-Sterling-Silver-Ring Best King Baby Jewelry Pieces
King Baby Wide Band with Stars Sterling Silver Ring


King-Baby-Small-Flag-Dog-Tag-Pendant-Necklace Best King Baby Jewelry Pieces
King Baby Small Flag Dog Tag Pendant Necklace



King-Baby-Reverse-Set-Mens-Black-Cubic-Zirconia-with-Wide-Band Best King Baby Jewelry Pieces
King Baby Reverse Set Men’s Black Cubic Zirconia with Wide Band

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