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How to Choose Kevia Jewelry: Tips and Facts

Are you looking for handmade designer jewelry? These days, you can find a wide selection of handmade jewelry on the market, but none can compare to the designs from Kevia, which is one of the most popular brand names. When you choose Kevia jewelry, you are guaranteed to get high-quality pieces at affordable prices.

Kevia Jeffrey-West, the designer, launched a jewelry collection with your own name in 2005. She started developing jewel pieces for her personal collection during 97 and 99 when studying as an undergraduate in Zimbabwe. Kevia collected stones which were mined and cut locally, sketched her own designs and then use local jewelers to bring her creations to life. Kevia’s jewelry is organic and her work is often inspired by the natural world including her beautiful garden, leaves and flowers.

When checking for Kevia jewelry sale, you will discover custom designs with pure 18k gold. Kevia’s collection also includes jewelry pieces in three main precious metals, which are 22k gold vermeil, 18k gold vermeil and sterling silver. The 22k gold vermeil with matte finish represents her signature piece which took one year to develop.

Every year, Kevia jewelry collection introduces five themes, all beginning with an experience. All the designs for the rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are created to match a certain theme after she decides on a core concept. Kevia’s jewelry now includes nine collections, namely Rococo, Octavia, Gilt, Genevieve, Flora, Fauna, Brocade, Artisan and Abielle.

If you are interested in Kevia necklaces, the Gilt leaf necklace is a great choice. This necklace is beautiful with stunning cubic zirconia stones set in a leaf with 22k gold vermeil.

For beautiful Kevia earrings, you could opt for Rococo citrine earrings with two sparkling rose cut citrines in 22k gold vermeil laced bezel. The citrine stones have a rich honey yellow color that is enhanced by the stunning luster of the lace border in 22k gold. You can also find these earrings in crystal as well as blue topaz shades to match any Rococo necklace.

Kevia stacking rings are among the popular favorites. You can choose Kevia rings with 22k gold plated handcrafted stacked smoky quartz which takes stacking to a sophisticated level. Whether you wear the rings alone, together or combined with other rings, you are sure to get a unique design. One thing is for sure, you will be spoilt with choices when shopping for Kevia handmade stacking rings.

When shopping for Kevia’s jewel designs, you can find them in a number of high-end boutiques in many countries. There is no doubt that Kevia jewelry collection is a big hit on the fashion scene because they are worn by celebrities and featured in many renowned publications and shows.

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Kevia-Genevieve-Varied-Size-Cubic-Zirconia-Set-on-Pounded-Layer-Cuff-Bracelet How to Choose Kevia Jewelry: Tips and Facts

Kevia-Genevieve-Rose-Cut-Stone-and-Pounded-Band-Stacking-Rings How to Choose Kevia Jewelry: Tips and Facts
Kevia Genevieve Rose Cut Stone and Pounded Band Stacking Rings


Kevia-Etrusca-Flush-Set-Cubic-Zirconia-Edged-Woven-Disk-Earrings How to Choose Kevia Jewelry: Tips and Facts
Kevia Etrusca Flush Set Cubic Zirconia Edged Woven Disk Earrings


Kevia-Etrusca-Flush-Set-Cubic-Zirconia-Edged-Woven-Diamond-Earrings How to Choose Kevia Jewelry: Tips and Facts
Kevia Etrusca Flush Set Cubic Zirconia Edged Woven Diamond Earrings



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