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6 Reasons in This Jumpline Web Hosting Review will Change Your Mind!

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Editorial Jumpline Review:

A web hosting organisation that has not only survived since 1997, but progressed from strength to strength is one of the highlights of Jumpline. The over 75,00 personal and business websites hosted by them pays tribute to their foresight in building scalable hosting solutions with world class infrastructure. The emphasis on providing exceptional customer care is understood by all employees whether they be technicians or engineers or even administrative personnel. Jumpline’s clients are spread across all the 50 US states and over 130 countries across the world.



Jumpline Hosting Features:

Jumpline’s key features are mentioned below:

* Infrastructure: Backed by Dell servers, Cisco networking equipment and IBM Tivoli storage manager, this web host provider partners with the likes of Qwest Communication, DataCenter101 and Cogent Communications to provide best in class services to each and every one of their clients.
* Technology: In addition to all that is provided by any other competitor, Jumpline provides Parallels Plesk, as well as Virtuozzo and Sphera as automation solutions. All these point to them being a responsible and leading light in the industry.
* Domain Names: Jumpline offers quick and easy registration of names and the various tools required to fully utilise these names have been made available in their Domain Name Package. These tools include domain forwarding, domain management and a Privacy policy. On the email front, forwarding facility, offer of 5 POP email addresses, and some other options are available.
* Charges: $ 9.95 covers the first year’s service of Jumpline. For additional years, the price is $ 35.00 per year, even when there is a domain name transfer. Price for the Starter plan is $ 7.95 per month, while that of Basic Plan is $ 11.95. Advanced and Shared reseller plan cost more.
* Backup: There is a facility to back up data daily, for up to 15 days prior to current date. This allows data retrieval should any particular system or even if a series of computers ‘crash’.
* Plans: There are 4 plans available – ‘Starter’, ‘Basic’, ‘Advanced’ and ‘Shared Reseller’. While the first 2 are designed primarily for individuals and their personal requirements, the last 2 are better suited for small and larger businesses. Design level, email features, security and server performance increases and / or improves as you progress from left to right.
* Customer Care: Available round the clock i.e., 24x7x365 from Jumpline’s own US-based call centre




At a conservative estimate there are over 95 million active domain names on the internet with over 75 million having the ‘.com’ suffix, remaining having the ‘.net’ and ‘.org’ tags. Therefore there is a lot of business out there that can be tapped. With all the unique selling propositions that Jumpline offers, it is only expected that this web hosting site will gain from the years of experience it has in an ever changing industry and do exceptionally well in the years to come. It would be foolish if a person who had the need and opportunity to become part of the Jumpline teams

6 Reasons in This Jumpline Web Hosting Review will Change Your Mind! - 1
to have missed the flash ….. and the bus!


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  1. As a web development company I deal with a lot of hosting companies.
    Jumpline has the best combination of features at a great price, with an excellent support staff.

    I recommend them to all my customers and we all love Jumpline. My experience is that Jumpline has been very responsive and knowledgeable in support matters.

    The fact that they run a virtual server platform makes it the perfect environment for technical clients like us, a web development company.

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