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Jump Higher in 45 Minutes

You can jump higher easily if you know exactly how to use your existing strength and speed rather than gaining new ones which take time.

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The secret is in your shoe and how well it fits; use a shoe that makes the foot a stiffer, more reactive and supports your foot muscles during lacing up tightly.


Feeling comfort in a shoe is more important thing, Jump higher with the right shoes. Use lighter shoe as it will make you feel more lightness and quick.


Activate your muscles with dynamic warm-up movements that increase blood flow and fuel to your muscles. And don’t ignore glute activation that activates muscles and allows greater utilization for the vertical jump. The key is activating the muscles and warming the tissues that are the “prime movers” in the vertical jump.



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There are many warm-up exercises you can use it like (High Knees, Kick Butts, Front Leg Swings, Arm Swings front to back, Walking Lunges with a Twist toward Forward Knee and Ankle Rolls).


Perform Jump roping, if your muscles and tendons are soft or flat, which makes your muscles warmer, more elastic, and your body is ready to start moving at maximum speeds.

 Free Download The Guide … LIMITED OFFER!

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