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About JodoHost Company:

JodoHost.com was established in 2002 as an Indian based provider, but they have grown to offer hosting services to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. Today, this company has offices in Miami, Florida and New Delhi, India.  All the servers are based in Miami in the Miami Exchange data center facility.

To ensure that customers get quality hosting service, JodoHost hires a team of experts with up to ten years of experience in the industry. With a full time staff in-house working 24/7 all year round, this company is committed to provide good quality services at an affordable rate.


JodoHost Services and Features:

JodoHost.com is offering a number of services which include Windows, Linux, Reseller and ColdFusion MX 7 Hosting; Dedicated Servers; Semi Detached Windows and Linux; Windows VPS and Domain Registration.


Additional Features:

  • Unlimited Mail Boxes / Email Forwarding / Mailing Lists
  • IMAP/POP3/SMTP Access
  • .NET AJAX Framework
  • .NET DLL Support
  • ASP 3.0 / ASP.NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.5, 4.0
  • SilverLight 3.0
  • Shockwave /Flash Support
  • CGI-BIN & Perl 5
  • PHP 5
  • 2003 FrontPage Extensions
  • Custom Error Pages
  • XML Support
  • SSL Certificate Support
  • ASP Components 20+
  • SiteStudio Web Builder
  • osCommerce Shopping Cart
  • Cold Fusion MX 7
  • Custom MIME Types
  • Server Side Includes
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Anonymous FTP
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Microsoft SQL Server/ MySQL 5.1 /PostgreSQL 7.4            / phpMyAdmin / phpPGAdmin
  • Daily Database Backups
  • ASP.NET Enterprise Manager


Advantages of JodoHost:

  • Affordable and solid Windows / Linux hosting plans with rich features
  • Professional dedicated packages for e-commerce website hosting.
  • An expert hosting provider that is offering comprehensive and powerful solutions with superb management capabilities.
  • Reliable, secure and low cost hosting services that is designed especially for medium or small enterprises and businesses.


Guarantees of JodoHost:

JodoHost.com services are backed by guarantee offers for 99.9% service level and money back after 30 days.


Reliability Review Of JodoHost:

JodoHost.com has a number of measures in place to provide customers with reliable and secure hosting service. Their servers are based at a private datacenter facility in Waco, Texas which uses superior environmental control systems to regulate humidity and temperature levels. There is also state-of-the-art electric and fire suppression systems to ensure that the servers are not disrupted by power surges or fires.

In addition, the facilities utilize Cisco, Juniper routers and Netgear enterprise setup for reliability and redundancy, plus they are connected to multiple regional and international networks to provide faster downloads. If that’s not enough, JodoHost.com servers also run Intel or multi-core AMD processors with server-grade 4 GB DDR RAM and SATA3 hard disks in RAID10 or RAID1 arrays. The servers are also backed up every 24 – 48 hours to secure SAN or NAS. All of this, plus proactive monitoring, security audits and regular maintenance ensures that customers are not affected by technical server problems.


What I Didn’t Like In JodoHost:

This host is offering good service, but there have been some unfortunate issues related to support and server.


JodoHost Support:

24/7  JodoHost support is provided to customers via live chat, ticket system and telephone. Customers can also get help through forum, pre-sales FAQs and after sales support.


JodoHost Coupon Codes & Available Offers:

There are some offers online for 5% discount off yearly package, excluding VPS plans. Plus, free 7 day trial for Windows and Linux.

You can see all JodoHost available offers in their “Special Update section” which can be accesses through their home page like the following image:

jodohost-coupon JodoHost Reviews (reliability, Support, Services, Coupon Codes, Disadvantages, ...)


Final Conclusion:

Overall, JodoHost.com seems to be serious about providing reliable, secure and low cost hosting services because they are using superior infrastructure and network systems.

If you are looking for quality service at an affordable cost, this company will be right for you.


  1. Wow… expert staff with more than 10 years experience on staff 24/7? That is awesome. How could I pass up this host? Still… I am going to check through your other reviews first 😉

  2. Thanks for yet another straightforward, honest webhosting review. I am constantly trying to find REAL reviews online. Anyway, JodoHost seems to be exactly what I’ve been looking for.

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