Italian Artist Turning River Stones into Works of Art

Italian artist Ernestina the Galena adapted talent in drawing and coloring who admired  since childhood in transforming river stones and rocks to impressive pieces of art, according to the site Aaudetty Central.

Not interested in family artist heavily talent at a young age and attached institutes scholarships for arts education and was practiced her talent in its own way In 1987, she moved her family to Nairobi, Kenya, where I discovered an unknown world with which nature and animals and in a few days, a library signed its consideration on a book related to drawing on stone and became passionate about simply the possibility of converting river stones into works of art inspired by nature.
And started drawing on the stones did not stop and after the development of skills for three years began Ernestina in teaching others drawing on the rocks In 2003 founded the first club to draw on the rocks in Italy and although the painting on the rocks is work of art which consumes very long time, but this artist, The winning master, had taken him to the horizons and new stages and appeared in a series of works of art known as “living stones”.

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