Is Social CRM the turning Point in Social Media Marketing We Have All Been Waiting for?

Social media is the bread and butter of some marketing agencies and communication agencies. In a world dominated by big data, all the raw data flowing in from social media platforms form nothing short of treasures for these companies.

These include precious consumer data, market analysis data, campaign data and much more. In this situation, it is quite understandable if your company is looking for something more than just another database to manage the bulk of raw data.

Why was this evolution much cherished?

Social media is changing the way businesses operate and reach out to their customers. In the fast-changing landscape, it is only logical that your company needs a CRM solution that allows you to take advantage of all oncoming opportunities.

An SMB Group research states that about 65% of all small businesses, which employ social media business tools and software, are more likely to see better ROI. Only about 17% of the remaining companies that do not use social business tools expect to see a rise in their revenues. Currently, nearly $1.3 trillion worth of revenues remains unexploited by different companies worldwide.

These companies can easily achieve the unlocked value by utilizing social technologies including toolsets. Companies can create their CRM environment and customize their tools by using Salesforce DX. This is the developer’s version of the Salesforce software we commonly use.

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Adjust yourself according to the preference of your customers

You can see social CRM as a platform based on conversations. This not only helps you reach out to a potential market with your new products and services. It also helps you listen to what different target groups are saying about you. Social CRM like Salesforce can bridge the gap between the customers and the companies.

For example – your social media marketing team is posting Tweets, YouTube videos and Facebook updates about your products, but you see no traction. Your target audience is somewhere else on social media talking about your products and possibly your company too. The primary target of any social CRM is to bridge this gap and provide a strong platform for communication between the business and the customers.

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What are the ubiquitous social tools of social media CRM?

Aside from the regular marketing and post-boosting tools, you may be using right now, any social CRM like Salesforce will offer you a toolset for optimizing your social media marketing experience. The tools in the case may include –

  • Social media listening tools: These tools are incredible when it comes to listening in on social media conversations. By using these, you will be able to track the mention of your name, company and products on all popular social networking sites, blogs and other platforms. There are specific tools for all needs, including those that generate a comparative analysis of post responses during different times of the day.

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  • Social media monitoring and tracking tools: These are the tools every social media marketer and new-age company owners were waiting for. From tracking the performance of each post on the web to calculating the ROI from the campaign, these monitoring and tracking tools can accomplish it all.

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  • Dashboards for data tracking and comparison: This gives a visual representation of all your efforts and the results of your campaigning strategies. Understanding the expenses, customer responses from each channel and the net returns from the campaigns become much easier when you have interactive dashboards dedicated to your social media marketing endeavors.

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CRM will allow you to put your customers on priority. You do not need to force your customers to check out your posts on a different platform; you do not have to force them to use only the channel you prefer. Now, you can find out which channels the majority of your customers use and start campaigning there.

What makes social media CRM indispensable for digital marketers?

Social media CRM from Salesforce is quite the stunner. It has powerful backup systems, updating systems and a flexible infrastructure that makes it suitable for almost all businesses.

  • It can strategically increase customer engagement without increasing the cost of operations.
  • You can track the progress of each customer inside the sales funnel.
  • The sales team can create a personalized experience for each of your customers using the data from the interactions.
  • Social CRM can efficiently highlight different pathways to the customers via social media channels. This can drive more sales, generate more leads and boost the conversion levels.

Recent research shows that using social media customer relationship management software makes sales teams about 12% more productive than before.

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Social CRM is for everyone

Social media CRM is for all businesses and all professions. Your business needs sales services and customer support to convey the latest updates to your consumers. Without a CRM, tracking the customers, understanding their needs and reaching out to them in the right manner becomes almost impossible.

Social media marketing: Another study by BigCommerce shows that about 30% of online shoppers make a purchase from social networking sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Over 29% of the shoppers are likely to follow a brand on Facebook or other social networking sites. This is a tremendous opportunity for most B2C brands to generate active leads.

Digital Marketing: About 55% of all e-commerce sales occur on branded website stores and about 45% via general marketplaces. Now, if you market your product correctly on social media platforms, it is quite easy to gain the attention of your target customers on social media.

Customer service and sales: Your customer service and customer support can easily switch from the automated droll to interactive human conversations without much of a glitch. People still like to use websites and services with easily reachable human agents on the other end of the line. Customers prefer sites that allow easy return and refund processes with human guidance.

To sum it up, social CRM for marketing helps businesses find better exposure. It can increase customer engagement and subsequent retention. It can bestow high-quality leads that generate a higher ROI and faster execution of marketing campaigns.

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