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iPage vs InMotion Hosting Company

Before getting on to the comparison between IPage and InMotion lets first try to understand what these terms refer to. Both IPage and InMotion are the webhosting Solution Companies which provide the most powerful web hosting, email hosting and domain name registration services to the Small and Medium Businesses.

To start with IPage, it is a web hosting company which was started way back in 1998. Due to some reasons it was inactive during mid 2000s, however it was reconstructed and re-launched by International business group in 2009 and now IPage is one of the top web hosts in the world. As of now IPage has grown with over 1.5 million hosted domains under management and over 1 million websites. They offer an affordable price perhaps that’s the reason why IPage has become so popular.

When talking about InMotion that too has become a giant in the web hosting industry. InMotion started Web hosting in the year 2001 and has been leading ever since then. They not only target the personal website owners but also small to medium businesses. They provide VPS hosting, dedicated and shared server hosting for easy balance among the companies which are at a growing stage.

Now that we understood the working concepts of both IPage and InMotion how do different plans wit together. Let’s start with the pricing:

  • IPage managed to make single plan web hosting easy with an unbeatable prince of only $3.50 per month to meet the required of any personal or business website through a shared server hosting plan.
  • Whereas InMotion offers three Personal class plans ranging from $3 to $5 per month and three Business class plans ranging from $5.95 to $17.95 per month. However, all these plans offer limited features.
  • Apart from web hosting services IPage also offers free services such as free email accounts, dependable data center, website building and marketing tools and many other free services. It also comes with unlimited disk space and data transfer.
  • On the other hand InMotion provides dedicated as well as VPS server plans for growing businesses that require more space and security. InMotion offers custom web designing options too along with the data centers located on either sides of U.S.
  • InMotion puts a limit on email accounts, hosted domains and MySQL databases where IPage offers unlimited amounts.
  • Both the web hosting companies offers 24 hour customer service over the phone along with their surplus amount of guides and tutorials online for the people who would like to do a research of their own.

Both the plans offer money back guarantee where InMotion offers only 90 day money back guarantee and IPage offers any time money back guarantee. Although InMotion offer some good plans you can get best plans at the best price with IPage.

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