IPad Enters The World of Teaching Children Sit “to urinate”

New York, United States of America (CNN)

tablet computer manufactured by Apple enter the world of children…

a corporate seat strap provider of “iPad,” is dedicated to teaching children how to sit and urination.
The report stated that the new design is characterized by its simplicity as it is made of plastic mold in the form of a seat Designated to allow children “pee” in it, and enjoy at the same time using a tablet computer.

The report indicated that designers new seat idea got of everyday life of the family and the difficulties faced by many parents in the education of their children how to use the toilet, where this design hopes manufacturer of making the process of teaching children the fun is to stimulate the child to do urinated in the right place to enjoy computer Tablet.

The report highlighted that this design sells for $40, a price which is competitive compared with other tools which are used to teach children how to urinate.

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