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Comprehensive Intrahost Review:

Established in 1999, IntraHost communications is privately owned company that offers great quality web hosting services as well as reseller packages for customers around the world. The base office of IntraHost.com is located in Chicago, where most of its main servers are also situated along with several others in different areas. IntraHost.com takes pride in their attitude that is focused on their clients together with their expertise in the field of web hosting and high performance servers and systems.


IntraHost.com Review On Features:

Compared to other web hosting providers, IntraHost.com also offers competitive services and packages similar to other top web hosting companies. Web hosting packages of IntraHost.com comes with up to 10 GB RAID disk space and up to 120 GB monthly bandwidth allowance.  The first domain is free for a year or you can transfer your existing domain for free. They also offer a free website builder and the latest cPanel.

interhost-solutions Intrahost Reviews (Reliability, Promotional Codes, Support, Recommendations, ...)

If you are planning to have your own e-commerce site or online shop, you can take advantage of the e-commerce features offered by IntraHost.com. Their system also uses the latest versions of PHP, PERL 5, SSL, Phython, CGI-BIN and .htaccess for all your coding requirements. It can also run FrontPage Extensions and host websites created using Dreamweaver as well as websites that uses Flash and other website builders.

IntraHost.com also guarantees their clients with a high speed servers and a 99.9% uptime. For as low as $7.95 per month you can try IntraHost’s web hosting services risk free with their 30 day money back guarantee.


IntraHost.com Review On Reliability:

The IntraHost servers are continuously monitored round the clock using a motion sensing surveillance system. Each employee has been carefully screened and checked before they get hired. The server rooms are only accessible using a secure access card that is given only to authorized personnel. The company takes pride on its optimal uptime guarantee with its onsite diesel generator backup that is always on standby. Regular maintenance and monitoring is conducted to make sure that there won’t be any problems with the powering of the servers.


IntraHost.com Support Review:

IntraHost.com offers more options for their clients to get in touch with their customer support team. There’s the pre-sales support that will take care of the inquiries of people who are planning on getting their web hosting services and the customer support for existing clients. Aside from sending customer support tickets and emails which take at least 24 hours to get answered, IntraHost.com provides their clients a toll free number that the clients can dial to talk with a customer support specialist.

Other options include a fax number and mailing address where customers can send documents. Majority of the existing clients of IntraHost.com are pleased with the kind of customer support provided by the company. Customers were satisfied with the quick response to their inquiries and problems.


Intrahost Promotional Codes & Special Discount Offers:

This company may offer special Intrahost promotional codes, discount coupons from time to time to increase its customers base. Their current promotional offers are promoted through their website on the homepage. See IntraHost Promotional Offers …

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