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Interview with WebHostingHub Company (Mike Spadier)

Thanks Mike for taking the time to talk to pouted.com

1.) Can you please tell our visitors a about yourself, history, enlighten us how Web Hosting Hub started and how it grew to what it is today?

Hi, my name is Mike Spadier, and I am the Marketing Manager here at WebHostingHUB.com. I have been working in digital marketing for the past 10 years, managing affiliates and advertisement campaigns, designing custom web sites, and launching new product lineups.My role here at Web Hosting HUB is to make sureĀ  it becomes a leading brand in web hosting, and to ensure its reputation as a quality company is recognized.

When we got started in 2001, we made it our focus to provide the highest levels of technical support, customer satisfaction and quality of service in the web hosting industry.

Because of this drive to be the best we’ve been rewarded with an extremely loyal and growing customer base.

2.) What separate Web Hosting Hub from the competitors?

WebHostingHUB offers the convenience of simplicity combined with great service and support, at a cost lower than most premium hosting companies. It’s a combination that has been lacking in the industry for a while. If you have a cheap hosting company, you’re sure to bet that the service and quality are not up to your standards. If you are getting great service and flexibility, you are paying a much higher price. We took the two and created a brand that provides the ease of use, with quality customer support, at a very reasonable price. We are a DIY-type hosting company, which allows the user to setup a simple website in a matter of minutes.

3.) Please share more about Web Hosting Hub’s data centers and reliability?

Because we have data centers on both the East and West coasts, our customers will experience speeds up to 6xs faster than other hosting companies. We wanted to make sure that the speed and reliability is not compromised just because you are living on the other side of the country. Our data centers are also green certified, so that allows us to be environmentally conscious as well.

4.) Some people just don’t want to deal with moving from one host to another host. Does Web Hosting Hub offer any services to make this moving easier?

Our No-Downtime transfer process gives you access to a temporary URL so you can upload your files, create your email accounts and make sure everything works correctly before you transfer your domain. This way, it will ensure that there areĀ  no issues with transfers from one host to another.

5.) We feel very important about customer support. What does Web Hosting Hub do in terms of customer support and is the staff in house or outsourced? Also, what support options (live chat, email, toll free phone)?

All of our support is based in our offices in the US. We do not outsource any of our customer service staff so that we can insure the standard of quality that is so important to our customers. We have our support available 24/7 365 days a year, so that we can help our customers at any time. Many of our customers are also international, so we have a need for a dedicated support system available at all times.

6.) What are the major changer you are planning to do in the future? What are the short term goals for Web Hosting Hub and where do you see you going in the next couple of years?

You’ll be seeing our brand around a lot more frequently across the hosting industry. We have an aggressive marketing campaign that is going to launch in the coming months, lined up with new promotional tools to help gain some more exposure with our audience.

In terms of our service and support, we will continue to provide the same customer care that’s been consistent with our name from the beginning.

** Thanks Mike for taking time out of your day to speak to pouted.com and to let our readers get to know you and Web Hosting Hub a little bit better.

Thank you for allowing Web Hosting HUB to be interviewed on your site. I hope readers will understand the value in our services and give us a chance to prove ourselves.

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