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Interview with Myhosting.com Company

Thanks for taking the time to talk to pouted.com

1.) Can you please tell our readers a little bit about background, history you have in hosting industry and enlighten us how myhosting.com started and how it grew to what it is today?

myhosting.com is a leading worldwide provider of superior, affordable and reliable hosting services. With over 50,000 web hosting customers in over 170 countries, myhosting.com continues to demonstrate an extraordinary level of value and choice to their customers. Founded in January 1997 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada, myhosting.com is continually committed to providing leading hosting services by utilizing the best available technology and services from companies such as: Microsoft Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc., Intel Corporation, MCI Canada/Verizon Business, VSNL International, Tucows Inc. and Network Solutions.

2.) myhosting.com offers many different services; can you briefly talk about each of them?

Our main services provided are VPS Hosting, shared Web hosting and exchange hosting along with offering domain registration to support all of these services.

Through our VPS offering you can choose from Windows and Linux Operating Systems, cPanel and Plesk control panels, as well as customize many of the different resources through our Custom VPS wizard. Our VPS plans include Reseller VPS options for those customers that want to power their own hosting business, Business VPS solutions for customers that wish to host their business , and Developer VPS packages for Programmers needing a Virtual environment to develop and serve their own custom applications.

Our Shared hosting environment comes in 3 flavours; Personal Website, Business and eCommerce Hosting. All of our plans come with unlimited storage and data transfer. Each plan also comes with Basic Exchange Email accounts that include Google Postini spam and anti-virus filtering at no extra charge. From small Personal websites, to large database driven company sites myhosting.com has a plan for you.

myhosting.com is also an industry leader in Hosted Exchange Email accounts. All of our Exchange accounts give Outlook Web Access and include Google Postini spam and anti-virus filtering at no extra charge. If you are looking for mobile or full desktop synchronization we offer hosted exchange accounts that provide those features as well.

3.) What separate myhosting.com from the competitors?

We have over 12 years of experience in the web hosting and email hosting industry. Whether it is web hosting, Hosted Exchange, SharePoint Hosting or even Virtual Server Hosting, we have the knowledge and know-how to provide the services to keep our customers happy and help them be successful in their own businesses. Support is available anytime you may need it. Our 24x7x365 support is provided to all customers at no extra charge.

4.) myhosting.com has been given many Hosting awards. Can you go into a little more detail about it?

In today’s competitive marketplace, a company’s web presence and information systems are critical to their success. myhosting.com completely understands this and stands by its mission to provide superior value to its customers by providing quality products and services that effectively and efficiently utilize the most current Internet technologies.

As a result, myhosting.com has received many awards from Partners, such as Parallels for “Excellence in Messaging & Collaboration Services and Parallels Automation” to many “best” and “top” hosting awards by many of our industry review sites. The industry review awards are a product of many happy customers providing positive reviews on industry leading review sites.

5.) Please share more about myhosting.com’s data centers and reliability?

All of our equipment is housed in state-of-the-art Equinix and Earthlink data centers, with the latest and greatest in physical and network security measures, in a fully redundant environment. And all of our web hosting, email and collaboration solutions are built on redundant Cisco network equipment, and the latest Dell servers and Network Appliance storage units.

We recently launched Dynamic Data Center for our Windows VPS plans which makes these Hyper-V containers much more efficient and allows workloads to be seamlessly moved to another server during scheduled maintenance with as little as one ping of downtime, helping to reduce time lost due to maintenance and other scheduled processes by up to 50%.

6.) Some people just don’t want to deal with moving from one host to another host. Does myhosting.com offer any services to make this moving easier?

Our customer support team is available to provide new clients with details on how to migrate their website, email, domain name and other data from their old hosting provider. If at any time during the migration the client has difficulties our support team is available to assist.

7.) We feel very important about customer support. What does myhosting.com do in terms of customer support and is the staff in house or outsourced? Also, what support options (live chat, email, toll free phone)?

Our Customer Support and Account Management teams are located in our North American offices. We do have some remote agents, but they are all trained by and have access to the North American Support Team and Management. They are highly trained and are available 24x7x365 days per year by toll free phone, email and chat. With customers all around the world with different requirements, we recognize that we must be available when you need us.

8.) What are the major changes you are planning to do in the future? What are the short term goals for myhosting.com and where do you see you going in the next couple of years?

At myhosting.com we’re always looking to improve our customer’s experience by adding new features to their hosting packages, or improving their overall experience. For example, we recently launched some changes to our shared hosting plans that include the addition of a free Pinnacle Cart application and license with our eCommerce plan at no additional charge.

Also as we mentioned earlier, there were a number of updates and changes to our Windows VPS solutions. We’ve improved our infrastructure to provide a clustered system able to provide HA (Highly Availability) Combined with Live Migration, we can ensure considerably less downtime than our competitors. This is one of our first Private Cloud services, and we are planning a number of other updates and new product launches that follow this advancement.

We recognize that the hosting industry is in a constant state of change. Offering simple shared hosting services isn’t enough, and we are committed to offering more competitively priced cloud based solutions in the future.

9.) Before we go, do you have any current OFFERS, COUPONS or special deals that our readers can use?

Get a Personal Website for $3.95 / month by using coupon code: FREEDOM

Get VPS hosting with 3 months free by using coupon code: VPS123

For All coupons see myhosting.com coupons page

** Thanks Myhosting.com again for taking time out to speak to pouted.com and to let our readers get to know you and Myhosting a little bit better.

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