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Interview with Jonathan Ewert (CEO of Codero Hosting Company)

Thanks Mr. Jonathan for taking the time to talk to pouted.com


1.) Can you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself/background, the history you have in hosting industry and enlighten us how Codero started and how it grew to what it is today?

Providing both dedicated and managed hosting services, the Codero brand was launched in July 31, 2009. The brand was created using the 16+ years of experience, knowledge and support from Aplus.net. Aplus.net was purchased by Hostopia.com Inc., a unit of Deluxe Corporation, also in July, 2009. Strategically focused on scalability and controlling costs for customers,  today Codero helps small businesses create an infrastructure environment that will scale without compromising the budget. Our extensive experience in managed hosting allows us to give even more focus to managed plans and we look for more server hosting enhancements to come in the future.

2.) Codero offers many different solutions and services; can you briefly talk about each of them?

At Codero, our customers have specific ideas for the solutions they want for hosting. We accommodate their expectations by offering them the ability to select from multiple plans of dedicated managed hosting.  We offer three flexible plans with a distinct set of services to help customers reduce their total administration costs and improve the efficiency of their servers. Each plan has basic services, but the customer has the ability to customize the plan to their personal needs by picking from our a la carte services.

We also offer the flexibility of Codero Cloud which lets you utilize both the processing power and redundancies of cutting-edge technology. Codero Cloud allows e-commerce businesses all the benefits of a load balanced, high availability, secure solution at a fraction of the cost.  It is perfect for applications that may experience highly variable usage patterns.

3.) What separates Codero from the competitors?

The low-cost solutions on the most current technology is what keeps our customers highly satisfied. We also have an overwhelming response to the Codero loyalty rewards program. Through the Codero Rewards Program, customers can upgrade to items they may need without spending more money. For every dollar you spend with Codero, you earn free points that are good towards upgrading your dedicated server.

We are also one of the first hosting companies to offer Green Hosting. One hundred percent of the electricity to power our data center and headquarters supporting our customers is provided by renewable energy. Power supplies in the Codero data center have been updated with the purchase of 80 Plus certified power supplies and have reduced energy consumption by 25-30%. An affordable way for customers to further reduce their carbon footprint is the Codero Green Server Bundle.

4.) Codero has been given many Hosting awards. Can you go into a little more detail about it?

Since our inception under the Codero name in 2009, Codero has won awards in almost every category from hosting review publications that include HostReview.com, FindMyHost.com, DedicatedServerDir.com, Clouddir.com, and TheHostingBusiness.com. From “Best Dedicated Server” and “Top Pick Host,” to “Top SEO” and “Top 25 Most Popular,” recognition from our customers and industry publications is an honor we hold high. The many prestigious awards we have received are based on breadth of service, exceptional customer care practices and other evaluation criteria. The recognition gives us satisfaction in knowing we provide customers with the best dedicated and managed hosting solutions available at desirable, low prices.


5.) Please share more about Codero’s data centers and reliability?


In addition to receiving multiple industry awards in the dedicated and managed hosting industry, Codero has achieved a number of business milestones, including SAS Type II certification, PCI compliance, and Microsoft Gold Certification. Codero owns and operates our primary data center which is located in Phoenix, Arizona. We also operate four points of presence in Irvine, CA; Denver, CO; Chicago, IL; and Ashburn, VA. Our data center network infrastructure is optimized for high performance, security, and scalability to ensure maximum uptime. The Codero 99.9% Uptime Guarantee offers customers the assurance that hardware, power and HVAC systems will be functioning 100% of the time (except in normal maintenance windows). Network uptime will be 99.9%.


6.) Some people just don’t want to deal with moving from one host to another host. Does Codero offer any services to make this moving easier? Also, We feel very strongly about customer support. What does Codero do in terms of customer support?

Our world-class U.S.-based support is available 24/7/365 for live monitoring and maintenance. No outsourcing is done—the professionals are all highly-trained in-house support staff located in our Lenexa, Kansas headquarters and Phoenix, Arizona data center. Because we know each customer’s preferences are unique, there are multiple ways to communicate with Codero for support. You may speak to a live representative any time through Codero Chat; call toll-free at 866-2-CODERO (international 1-913-890-8250); review service announcements issued through our Twitter account name: @CoderoNOC; submit a ticket for support; or search our Knowledge Base for IT answers in articles.


7.) What are the major changes you are planning to do in the future? What are the short-term goals for Codero and where do you see Codero going in the next couple of years?


Codero’s primary emphasis is on dedicated and managed servers … that’s been our foundation for over a decade, but it does not stop there. We also see a natural progression toward margin compression in cloud computing.  There is enormous opportunity for Codero to provide cost-effective hybrid infrastructure solutions with no capital investment or additional staffing, so that our customers can allocate capital and management to the growth of their core businesses.

Cloud is synonymous with “efficiency,” yet cloud hosting can also be very expensive.  Despite industry efforts to build more value and features into cloud, we believe that this unnatural paradox isn’t sustainable.  We see the cloud market maturing rapidly over the next 12 months. We think we are timing the market shift right, and we know that we can be very cost competitive.

Codero can now provide cost-effective hybrid infrastructure solutions that require no capital investment or additional staffing. We are focused on what’s right for the enterprise, not what’s right for us. Codero creates innovative ways to leverage multiple technologies in our customers favor so they ultimately cut and control costs.

We take a unique approach to assist IT managers and help integrate the right solution for them.  Codero stands with the enterprise and helps IT managers optimize their hosting infrastructure with the blend of security, control, and cost that is right for their businesses.  We think that’s unique in the market because we are focused on what’s right for the enterprise, whether or not it includes Codero.

8.) Before we go, do you have any current offers, coupons or special deals that our readers can use?

Codero has various offers and specials each month based on what the market currently demands. On an every-day basis, a Price Match Challenge is available to competitively price our products and services. It’s a guarantee that we will match or beat any price received from a hosting competitor.

** Thanks Mr. Jonathan for taking time out of your day to speak to pouted.com and to let our readers get to know you and Codero hosting better.

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