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InstaTheme for Easily Designing the Membership Site of Your Dreams

Do you find it difficult and tiring to design membership pages on your own? Did you try to create one without others’ help but failed? I was the same like you until I found “InstaTheme” which helped me to create my membership page without difficulties or doing several attempts that finally lead to frustration and great failure. You’re right, There are several membership site templates that can be used to create your membership pages, but the problem is that they are traditional, are nearly the same and do not make your sites catchy which makes it difficult for you to brand your product, increase your sales and make money. You need to use non-traditional and catchy templates to make your site fabulous and unique. “InstaTheme” allows you to do that.


What can it do for you?

InstaTheme is the number 1 wordpress theme that is especially created to allow you to design membership sites which are really dazzling, differ from other traditional ones and can brand you and your product. InstaTheme is created by Suzanna Theresia, Lester Lim and Jake Gray who are the same creators of Instamember which achieved great success when it was released. InstaTheme provides you with a wide range of fonts and colors, four pre-installed themes, more than 100 membership icons, menu icons that can be easily customized and perfect customer support to get the needed help in case you encounter any problem.

Why is it a great solution for me?

Before using InstaTheme and after failing to design my membership page on my own using the traditional templates, I decided to resort to those who are specialized in this field and hired a designer to get the membership site of my dreams but it cost me a lot of money without getting exactly the same membership site that I want, so I decided to give InstaTheme a try. Unlike other traditional membership site templates, InstaTheme does not require spending a lot of money and is easy to be used as it does not take a long time to create your unique membership sites because all what you need to achieve what you want can be done in just 1-Step Drag & Drop.

I also consider InstaTheme a great solution because I do not need to waste a long time to make the design of my pages after being published look exactly the same design they were before publishing, there are not lego block editors that usually prevent me from moving videos and headlines and I have the ability to do anything I need for creating my page through just 1-step drag and drop without facing layers of multiple choices. It also features a built-in attention bar, site-wide design modification through CSS, total navigation customization that allows you to customize the navigation bars and tabs, total styling customization and gives you the ability to create your membership page without the need to look at a line of code.


Price value

You can get InstaTheme in addition to another bonus which is “Membership Site Profit Explosion” for just $27 and this is for unlimited site license while the developer license requires paying $47 only. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee that allows you to keep InstaTheme for 60 days to try it and make sure that it works for you. If you find it useless, you can ask for a full refund within the first 60 days.

Finally, if you want a solution that can help you to easily design your membership site without spending a long time or wasting a lot of money and want to take your online marketing to a higher level, then I recommend InstaTheme to you.



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