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Essential Picks: List of the Innovative Bike Accessories and Gadgets

Essential Picks: List of the Innovative Bike Accessories and Gadgets

The sheer variety of items available in the cycle stores is bewildering. Many think that they need a turbo trainer to get the expertise for themselves. But altogether, that is not true. There are a few items which will help you in dry and flat conditions whereas some will make your dry conditions more exciting and comfortable. However, some will make you feel happy while you go for your cycle ride.

Have a look at these essential picks..!


While you are halting anywhere on the street, to be on the safer side, you need to lock it. This is the most crucial are where you need to ensure that you pay more. This is because good locks are not available at lower costs. But it is possible with the CouponsMonk. This will make the thieves and robbers to avoid your latch for their next fix.

It is next to impossible for anyone to judge a lock by merely looking at the same about its quality and efficiency. According to the observations, it has been noted that the superior quality of protection is achieved from the D-shaped shackle locks.

The hefty armoring of these locks enhances the locking mechanism and security as well. The U-portion of the bolt should be engaged at both the ends, making it more difficult to manage.

Source: E-Bikes Hawaii


There are numerous ways to carry the things on a bike. These may be a simple shoulder bag for taking your money or any sturdy package to load enough of the necessary gears. The main dependency would be of the type of your riding that you would be performing.

If you are riding around the town, look for a small and compact rucksack bags with the compression. This is to ensure that the contents of your wallet remain stable. There are many people where the combination of the rucksack with the drop handlebars is too uncomfortable.

If your rides would tend to be longer, then let your bike take the load of your luggage. However, if you are on the road, then you would need a dozen or more of things including water bladder and other similar accessories.

Source: Mike Shouts

 Waterproof Jacket 

To ensure that you keep the rains out, a waterproof cycling jacket is a must. The requirements of the waterproof jacket are different than that of the regular ones with a longer back and thicker arms.

The best jackets that are available in the market are fully waterproof and too breathable, so it ensures that you don’t get that boil-in-the-bag syndrome for no reason.

Source: Dickies Store

 Mudguards and Fenders 

While you want to prevent soaking and drowning of your cycles, the best possible way to do so is to install mud guards and fenders on the rear and back portion of your cycle. Some may have these pre-installed, but some of them may be needed to add externally.

Source: Bike Radar

 Pump, Spares, and Toolkit 

It is always necessary to keep spare pumps and tool-kits so that at the time of the crash, you can find an alternative, without depending on anybody else. The extra would help you to rule the roads. There are many offers available on the Web so that these spares don’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Do carrying a helmet is essential? Depends! The chances of them getting into a serious crash are too less. But when you want an assurance of not getting even a single scratch, then helmet might help.

Especially, when you are involved in some mountaineering kinds of the sports, then probably the helmets are the best option for the safety purpose. Furthermore, if you want more protection and security, ensure that the helmet is securely attached to your head. It should be such that it covers your forehead fully and the straps should be snugly fit.

Source: Road

Now when the cat is out of your bag, you need to make sure that you include all these essentials in your backpack while preparing for your next ride.