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Editorial Inmotion Hosting Review

InMotion hosting is actually offering business owners with website hosting since year 2001 using their offices in Virginia  Beach, CA, Los Angeles and VA. Among the best things of In Motion hosting company is their Maximum Speed Zone allowing the websites in addition to e-mails to load  6 times faster!

They don’t use outside agencies for technical support, all their customer support is performed using their Virgina Beach office.

In Motion Hosting‘s situation is mainly focus on business web hosting instead of personal hosting. They provide the entire choice of web hosting options from basic shared hosted offers, to VPS to dedicated hosting servers.

Inmotion Hosting Review of Features:

I‘ll try out in this Inmotion Hosting Review to explain its features in details depending on many customer Inmotion Reviews.

You have many choices available, however, even the lowest priced plan involves a lot of extra features,  such as backup, spam protection, and website builders.

You will find there’s a great collection of self-installing scripts in addition to photo galleries and being compatible with Adobe,  Dreamweaver as well as a lot of blog applications which can be used in how to start a travel blog websites and website plugins,  like forum software, web calendars, WordPress, counters, Joomla, Mambo, and even more.

Business Web hosting accounts, and also the Max personal plan, include features like many e-commerce options as shopping carts, password protected directories and shared SSL. In Motion hosting goes further with exceptional data backup solutions, providing an entire automated back-up of virtual and shared environments.

In Motion hosting’s back-up environment is protected,  with all of backup copies sent over protected internet connections.

Some of Common Features:

* UNLIMITED Disk Space
* UNLIMITED Data Transfer
* FREE New Domain or Free Transfer
* FREE Website Builder
* Easy to Use Control Panel
* CGI-BIN, Python, .htaccess, PERL 5, SSI, Custom Cron Jobs, PHP – Version 4 or 5 available
* Data Backup and Basic Virus Blocking
* Ready Website plugins
* Streaming Video and audio
* E-Commerce Features
* Top Tier Network/99.9% Uptime
* FrontPage Extensions and Dreamweaver Compatible
* 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Inmotion Hosting Review of Reliability:

Actually! InMotion Hosting is very reliable!

It’s not regarding the 99.9% web hosting up-time but it is their specific strategy for doing work which surprise customers.

All of hosting accounts are generally Max-Speed-Zone empowered, and that means you select your data-center for better results. All the hosting servers are placed in Category A, PCI compliant data-centers, with N 1 or N 2 power techniques as well as several battery and diesel back-up methods.

The BGP4 network shows down time, and you’ll depend on system admins to get available around the clock. Additionally, backup copies are generally created every 36 hrs as much as 10 Gigabite. In motion hosting works by using 100% Cisco routers and Dell hosting servers, plus almost all units work with RAID 5 safety, and you’ll rely on the 99.9% up time warranty.

They deomonstrate their web hosting internally by stats, details, explanations, evaluations and etc.

No hidden costs, phrases or situations!

*To confirm my idea at this point, InMotion hosting is certified “A” score with the BBB “Better business bureau” for reliability in performing business. Additionally, They are honored 3 Star Qualified Company by CNET between 2003 to 2008.

What’s GOOD With InMotion Hosting?

In Motion hosting provides real-value with each and every hosting account, starting with entry level account, to the strong quad core dedicated hosting server.

The Inmotion hosting provider is actually employee owned, managed and you’ll feel comfortable knowing that your website is getting managed by experienced pros. Their awesome customer support team (inhouse, never ever outsourced) usually will take the time to reply to the questions you have completely, at any hour.

In addition to, those who have at any time lost data or their files will realize the significance of backup copies, and In Motion hosting provides a full back up automatically.

What’s BAD With InMotion Hosting?

The one disadvantage I have found in In Motion hosting may be the price! Beginning at $5.95/month (Regularly $6.95) is bit higher priced when compared with some other shared web hosting plans. But, it is your role to select between quality and pricing.

There’s lots of less expensive choices available. However if you have been ripped off by your web host, then go with In Motion Hosting. Their 24/7 tech service (US-based) along with web hosting quality are unequalled.

Inmotion Hosting Review of Customer Support:

Like a powerful player in the market, Inmotion hosting has their very own support staff, whether it’s a tech or client support. They don’t use outside support as they’re skilled to get it done by themselves.

In motion hosting is one of the leaders within the web hosting area which has highly positive reviews from their users (Read the customers reviews below).

*** Inmotion hosting gets the best money-back guarantee time period “90-days”  in the market.

They make certain their customers are usually 100% happy with their service!

Conclusion of this Inmotion Hosting Reviews:

I did my best to show you every thing honestly in that InmotionHosting Review.

Certainly! So far as I can find, In motion hosting is ideal (NO inmotion web hosting complaints at all)! Even though it is a little pricey but their services in return worth more than spent! They’re trustworthy and reliable. Good, from my personal view, Inmotion Hosting is a permanent friend for your site instead of just a hosting provider.

yes ! I really believe Inmotion web hosting is really a GO and it is specially great in case you are searching for a Reliable High Quality hosting service.

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  1. I have their pro plan and am currently hosting 11 web sites that I previously had with GoDaddy. InMotion has STELLAR customer and technical support and their availability is superior to all other hosting companies I have used.

  2. I tried a lot web hosting ,but Inmotion is the best service I have seen .
    They can quickly solve the problem , and they will provide additional service.
    Now we have only two choice , one is I apply a bandwidth in office , build the server for myself , no extra service .
    The other optional is have a webhosting provider , provide the service for the website . And if want the service , maybe inmotion is the only optional . Because if you want the service , only their service will satisfied you .

  3. I been using InMotion since april 2010. But I been asking a lot of questions to them because I am not a very tech guy. They helped me all the time with all my questions. Even if they can’t help me directly, InMotion always has a website or software that can help me complete my task. Most of the time for free.
    Thanks InMotion!

  4. Inmotion support staff has been very helpful, guiding us through addon domains, various software packages and just generally answering our questions. We are very pleased with Inmotion hosting and we would recommend it to any other small business that wants to look even bigger!

  5. I currently run 14 high traffic sites at inmotion. In the last year I have moved everything here from Godaddy and 1&1.
    Two primary reasons:

    1) Ease and Flexibilty of use – All the cpanel controls are perfectly intuitive (definitely not so for other hosts – godaddy in particular is pathetically difficult to navigate), as well as unlimited email and large sql/ftp numbers – all the rest of the hosts nickel and dime you. Yes, they may start a little cheaper, but by the time you “upgrade” to an email plan and add on storage and/or users/ftp hosts you end up paying more than at inmotion.

    2) Support – perhaps this should have been #1 – Via either the online chat or phone service, every tech at inmotion seems to actually know what they are doing. Yes, that should be the norm in the industry but it most definitely is not. With a few complicated DNS setups (4 servers and backups all cross pointing), the inmotion folks not only helped me with their setup but actually walked me through setup on third party nameservers and other hosts – that is most definitely going above and beyond.

    Frankly, I’m sold for life.

  6. Moving from shared hosting to VPS. It took a week of trial and error including getting burnt for $140 by one provider that turned out to be in Panama, and exercised the money back guarantee from two other providers that did a bait and switch on me. I have moved 14 sites to inmotionhosting and have had success with voice support, chat support and email trouble ticket. A couple of times I have had to send an additional email to get tier II support after the initial support contact, but all other problems have been handled with tier I support. The move from shared hosting to VPS was a much larger task than I had ever imagined, and the folks at inmotionhosting support have helped make it possible

  7. Your services are great for churches and even cheaper than religious specific web hosts.

    You support staff is very knowledgeable and your site builder is the easiest thing in the world to use.

    Thank you! Great value for great price!

  8. Unfortunately I had a problem with Inmotion Hosting. They are as good as all the comments above, the problem was with billing. One day WITHOUT PRIOR ADVICE I found that I had a pending charge for a domain that I no longer own, but it’s hosted with inmotion. I called and asked to cancel. They directed me to inmotionhosting.com/cancel. So I filled out the form. Then 2 days later the pending charge went away from my account. So I assumed that it was truly re-embursed. But then the next week they posted the same amount again! Unfortunately it was no longer pending when I found out, and my account went negative because of that. The bank charged me $34. When I called Inmotion hosting they first denied that I had cancelled. Then they claimed that I had given them the wrong last four of the credit card, which was not true. I formally requested that they refund the $34, besides the hosting amount, and they denied my request. For that I am very unhappy with inmotion hosting.

  9. Really I appreciate their help. their tech support was very helpful,cooperative, calm and sure professional and try to do their best . I live the hosting experience with more than 1 site 0ne for me as tech support for others and one for a friend and one now for my new domain I purchased yesterday and in all it was easy and professional from their stuff. really if you don’t have a good experiance yet in hosting and want a company that really can help and honest it will be inmotion
    thanks a lot

  10. I have been astounded by the responsiveness and knowledge of the support personnel. They have “baby-stepped” me through the entire process of transferring our website and domain registration from another service.

    Their web building software has some very minor glitches in it – but nothing that can’t be overcome and hasn’t caused me any real difficulty since they are able to help me with workarounds.

    I find In Motion to be unparalleled in cost and quality in a day when that is hard to find!

  11. I moved from a dedicated account on HostRocket to InMotion’s VPS package. Saving ~$100 a month, I am receiving exponentially better customer service and turnaround. Wait times on support are minutes (vs hours… yes hours), the techs are knowledgeable and friendly, whether on chat, email, or telephone, and they solve the issue quickly. I can’t tell the difference between my VPS package and the prior dedicated account. Uptime is 100% to date. Make the switch, and don’t look back.

  12. We have been hosted by Inmotion for two years now. We have never had a problem with down time on our website. Just recently our emails were being flagged by spam. After spending about two hours on the phone with our ISP, I called Inmotion. In about 15 minutes, we had the problem resolved. The level of customer service and support provided by Inmotion is fantastic. The best part is not having to deal with intelligible accents when talking with the support department.

  13. This company has to have the best customer service/tech support of any hosting co. out there. I wish all companies in every sector had this type of service! Fast, high quality and great for pros and newbies. Can’t say enough about how terrific InMotion has been!

  14. I have been a customer of InMotion Hosting for over two years, now. I found them by checking host review websites, a practice I believe in whole-heartedly. They had the best price and everyone seemed to think their product and service was great, too. I can tell you all, that after several years, they have never failed me.

    I have a friend who is beginning his own hosting businesses that sounds great and is comparable in price, but even though he has offered space to me for free, I will not leave InMotion Hosting. He says his customer service is great, but I have had such an awesome experience with InMotion’s customer service that I just won’t take the risk on anyone else, EVEN IF IT’S FREE!!!

    I call support at InMotion and I’m talking to somone in less than a minute and they always take the time to explain things to me in laymen’s terms, as I am certainly no techie.

    My website looks great and works like it’s supposed to and I have all kinds of tools to help me with stats and email and e-commerce.

    Nope. I’m not going anywhere!

  15. I was a disappointed customer from znet hosting and moved to inMotion 4-5 months back after reading some good reviews. Right from the time I interacted with them and till now, the experience has been good. They were honest enough in the beginning to tell me that video streaming might be an issue with the virtual hosting unless I go for a dedicated server space etc. Even before I created my account they cleared all my doubts. The best thing is that the friendliness carried forward even after I bought the space. The Tech support (Level 1 and Level 2) is awesome and you are sure to get a response within 8 hrs (considering I am from India). Recently I deleted all my website contents and Database by mistake and had them get it back in less than 8 hrs. I really will recommend inMotion to anyone who wants reliable hosting with good customer support. I would say 99% the server was up and maybe in rare occasions it was slow and never down, so technically 99.99% uptime. InMotion rocks!!!

  16. I have had several dealings with InMotion support staff via chat, and they are great. They have always taken the time to be patient with me and answer all my questions. These guys are great.

  17. I am quite happy with the service provided by In motion and at this time, I have no complaints whatsoever. The staff are helpful, it was very easy for me to set up and I’ve never had any problems at all. I will definitely recommend InMotion!

  18. Inmotion has been a great vendor for our company. We have been a customer for almost 4 years.
    All of my interactions have been pleasant, dealing with employees who care…which is hard to find in any vendor.
    I highly recommend them!

  19. Inmotion customer service and tech support are second to none.
    I’ve hosted my site with other providers and the service I get here at InMotion is far superior. Please thank James in tech support for me. He did a great job in helping me move the site over and set up the new service. The team of professionals at Inmotion are extremely knowledgeable well as patient. I have spoken to several of there techs; James, Eric, Jason all of them helped me without me feeling rushed. I can’t say it enough about Inmotion. It’s simply the best service out there.
    Thanks again, Jamison McGibney

  20. Besides the fact that Inmotion offers affordable hosting plans,what makes them more apealing is the fact that they are green.As far as many consumers are concerned,what makes ecological sense also makes financial sense.

  21. As a newbie to web editing, I’ve been extremely happy with Inmotion. Even when I messed up the website, they quickly reloaded critical files, so I could upload the site and get back online. Downtime has simply not been a factor. Very happy.

  22. New to this hosting service – so far been perfect – ALL questions have been answered and answered like they cared , unlike some other support services that sound like your wasting there time with such non tech speak questions – if I could lock in 100 years I would

  23. I have called a few times for general information and support. Each time my questions were answered exceptionally quickly and accurately. The service has been excellent and is a great value for the money. One support in particular Ryan C. was a pleasure to work with and deserves a great deal of praise for his knowledge and professionalism. I would highly recommend inMotion to all of my colleagues.

  24. I have been with Inmotion Hosting for a little over a year now and most of the time it’s great…

    it’s the rest that isn’t so great. Uptime for my site goes down here and there and I’d say it’s only up 90% of the time. That’s not a good mark. I never get updates from them if there’s a “scheduled” outage. It just goes down for hours at a time.

    It needs to improve to be a truly great hosting company.

  25. I found Inmotion by doing some internet searches on “the best hosting companies.”

    I am currently in the process of building my first website for my business (real estate) and have found everything very easy to use. If I do have a question, their chat support has been very responsive and accurate with their suggestions.

    I would certainly recommend Inmotion hosting to anyone I come across who is interested in website hosting.

  26. awesome service and support. services a bit pricy but what do u expect if u buying quality service. tech support knowledgeable.

  27. I had godaddy for about two months until a friend told me about inmotion. I checked them out and dropped everything from godaddy to inmotion and saved myself 50-75% of what I was paying godaddy.

    Inmotion has better prices, better customer support and IT, friendly staff, and is entirely straightforward. Whether you need a dedicated server, a VPS, or shared hosting, it is the best value you will find on the internet and the quality cannot be beat.

    No other provider for this cheap will give you 24/7 live support that is friendly and always quickly finds an answer to your question or issue.

    In the 6 or so months I’ve been with them, I have never had any downtime or problems what so ever. I can not recommend these guys enough!

  28. I have been using inmotion as my secondary server for over a year now. it’s where I grow my sites before they have decent traffic. For the support and features, inmotion has the best value of among bargain shared hosting providers.

    For me, support has been fantastic, but I haven’t had many problems except the occasional downtime.

    I know other inmotion customers have had issues with major downtime, but I have only had 5-10 minutes of downtime a handful of times over the last year.

    I would recommend inmotion to anyone who does not need 100% uptime. Honestly, most mom and pop websites would be perfect here…no one will notice if Bob’s local handyman site is down at 1am for 10mins.

  29. I would like to recommend Inmotion for web & email hosting. I haven’t needed to call very often but when I do the staff is alway available to help me and resolves my issue promptly even though it may be a lack of knowledge on my part. It’s nice to call in and get a person stateside that is easy to understand and knowledgeable.
    Thanks Again!

  30. When I started with InMotion several years ago I didn’t know anything about Websites and how they worked. I spent a lot of time talking with the tech department. At first they talked way over my head but as soon as I told them to talk pre-school to me, they laughed and complied. It’s been a good relationship ever since.

    I’ve heard about other hosting companies leaving their clients in the lurch but that hasn’t been the case with InMotion. One time their server went down and I had to start over. They were generous with both their assistance and with their terms in compensating for the inconvenience.

    I would recommend them highly to anyone wanting to set up a Web site or who are dissatisfied with their current provider.

  31. I will absolutely never host any website I own anywhere else, regardless of the price! The value of exceptional customer support cannot be overstated. I’ve looked at other providers who may be a little bit cheaper and trust me it’s not worth it. We get 24/7 support from a US based team and their tier-1 support is the equivalent of tier-2 support at other hosts I’ve tried. I’ve received many free upgrades over the years to keep me on their best hardware and they’re always willing to work with me to improve performance.

    IMH is the standard by which all other hosting providers should be judged.

  32. Recently, Inmotionhosting had set up automatic domain renewals without any consent or notification to their customers. They will not notify you of any changes made within their company but expect you to hand over your money. I’ve been with Inmotionhosting for a few years, and it use to be that they sent you email reminders every year for domain renewals. But all of a sudden, they made it an option where YOU have to set up or turn off reminders for automatic domain renewals in your account. This wasn’t an option before as they gave out annual reminders, and I wasn’t notified that this had become an option, so this way they placed the blame on you if you didn’t want your domain renewed and expected it to expire. They believe they can make policy changes without customer knowledge to take your money and blame you for not giving them a 30 day notice of cancellation. Bad company all around.

  33. I have been with InMotion for awhile now and they have always helped me with my problems, even though I am located in Germany.
    As a beginner in website building U have contact them with simple questions and they never laughed at my lack of knowledge. All the service staff have always been great.
    Currently they are building me a new site and hopefully they will live up to their reputation in that field

  34. I hope people get to the more current review dated May 11, 2013 titled FIND ANOTHER HOST because the earlier ones are unbelievably glowing. As a recent customer with InMotionHosting I can attest their Customer Support is not at all what it is claimed to have been in 2010. Either they are outsourcing somewhere with language difficulties or they have fall prey to the ploy of trying to shorten support interactions by picking a few words from the customer and sending boiler plate responses. It has become just as hard to get across an understanding of your problem as it was with any offshore support operation.

    It is a mistake to rely on old reviews. Companies change; grow larger and start taking shortcuts. Always look for the latest (at least last six month’s reviews).

  35. What impresses me most about Inmotion is when I need help their support staff always come through. The staff is empowered and capable of handling any issue, from tech problem to billing problem. No need to make multiple calls, emails etc. Presently I just have email services, but I will have no hesitation about moving up to web site services.

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