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5 Tips for Improving Your Email Deliverability Rate

Creating the most optimized and original winning campaign in the history of optimized, original, winningest campaigns means nothing if your messages don’t get through. For all the marketers, business owners, website designers, and programmers, here are five tips for improving your email deliverability rate.

1 Authenticate Any Email Domain

Identity theft is widespread. When your delivery system isn’t authenticated you leave yourself open to spoofing. For successful online campaigning, ISPs must see who you say you are and worthy of having emails continue to recipients. Impersonation and scamming will defeat your efforts to prove you’re a safe and authoritative voice.

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2 Manage a Reasonable Opt-Out Process

Experts recommend double opt-ins for user verification and successfully cultivating an engaged list of addresses. But having a reasonable opt-out avoids irritating customers and gradually damages email deliverability. A lot of companies make leaving an email list a chore. That’s not good. That only enhances low open rates, deletion, or ignoring of your emails, and spam complaints. Give customers options to decide which messages they want and notification frequency. Make the “Unsubscribe” option visible. While you want to be proactive, the last thing you want is for your campaigns to appear intrusive.

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3 Monitor Your Bounces

A bounce is when an email gets returned as undeliverable. There are hard bounces and soft bounces. A hard bounce represents an attempt to reach out to an address that doesn’t exist. Hard bounces can mean your mailing list isn’t clean and sends confusing signals to your IPS. Perform an email validation to fix this. Soft bounces occur because a mailbox is full. They also take place during sudden increases in the volume of email sending. An example is a marketer routinely sending out 300,000 emails per day and one day sending 700,000. ISPs may return the additional emails because they don’t understand or accept the change in volume. A downed service can also be the culprit.

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4 Email Deliverability and Mobility

If mobile apps aren’t on your agenda, you’ll never reach a significant audience. You need an app that builds professional and appealing presentations that will look amazing across any device. Lack of mobile-friendliness risks a noticeable loss in clicks, opens, conversions, and company sales and profits.

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5 Personalization

Conversant Media reports personalization is “extremely important.” Personalization strengthens the customer experience, getting the right content, and message at the right time to the perfect target. You need to leverage dynamic content, harness integration power, use apps, and automation to boost relevancy and pair with personal landing pages. The research will be critical to personalizing email, creating unique lists, and implementing the best practices for campaigns.

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According to Kajabi, demystifying email deliverability requires “a few simple tricks and the right email marketing software” to “ensure your messages actually make it to your subscribers’ inboxes.” That’s sound advice and with these tips, you’ve taken the first step toward maximizing your campaigns.

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