How to Improve Your Handwriting

Some of us have bad handwriting that is illegible and some of us used to have a good handwriting however it started to deteriorate by time. This puts us in a really embarrassing situation. People might think it’s not worth the effort since computers and smart phones have made writing with a pen one of the least practiced skill throughout the day, however, our own handwriting is a unique mark for our personality and says a lot about us. If you want to make your handwriting more attractive and illegible read these steps thoroughly.

* Note: You’ll need to train your arms and hands if you don’t write very often by doing simple warm-up exercises like stretching and wriggling the fingers or moving the hands in circles.

–          Pick The Right Pen & Paper


It’s better to pick the right pen that you feel comfortable holding it and that moves smoothly on the paper. Many believe that fountain pens are the most efficient pens for this process however it’s not necessarily the best one to use for you. The size of the pen counts too as slim pens can be very slippery to hold so bear that in mind when you pick the right pen to use. Then comes the papers’ role, as it’s better to choose lined papers to make it easy for you to control your handwriting and form the letters properly.

–          Choose The Right Posture

Don’t lean down too much and just sit up straight and relaxed. Don’t grip to hard, your grip should be light and use the other hand to balance for more control. Don’t draw letters with your fingers, yes as I said not with your fingers nor your wrest. You should rely on your shoulder girdle.

–          Now, PRACTICE!

Now pick the lined paper and start writing a paragraph and focus on the letters that you have a problem with. It’s better to start writing this phrase “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” more than once as it contains every letter of the English alphabet, so you can practice all the letters at once. Don’t forget to practice connecting letters together. You can even try copying the handwriting that appeals to you so by time the more you imitate it you’ll be able to borrow elements from this handwriting into yours. Remember, the more you write the better you’ll get.



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