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9 Important Things to Remember When Decorating Your Bedroom

If you’ve decided to decorate your bedroom, it’s important to remember that this is supposed to be the place where you feel most comfortable at. That means you should decorate it with your favorite items and things which make you feel comfortable. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when decorating your bedroom which we compiled with the help of Boonstra.

bedroom-home-decor 9 Important Things to Remember When Decorating Your Bedroom
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1 Choose the best color for your walls

Since this room is meant for sleep and relaxation, you need to choose its color very carefully. It would be best to go with a shade that is soothing and easy on the eye. Don’t choose primary colors as they’re too bold and can sometimes even cause headaches.

The best colors to go with would be green, light blue, and lavender, as they make people feel calm and serene. If none of these seem like a good fit, you can choose your favorite color as well. Just make sure to find a toned-down version of it and don’t forget to keep everything monochromatic.

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2 Don’t leave the ceiling bare

A lot of people don’t take the ceiling into consideration when decorating their bedroom. But don’t overlook it, as it’s practically a blank canvas you can work wonders with. You can paint it, decorate it with wallpaper, or simply add aesthetically pleasing light sources such as string lights or a chandelier.

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3 Choose the right bed

When furnishing your bedroom, there are a few things you should remember. The first is to choose a bed with the appropriate size for the room you have. For instance, if you have a small room, you can’t have an oversized bed. The same goes for a big room and small furniture.

It’s also important to have a high-quality surface to sleep on. If you want to sleep in a cozy environment, you should choose the best mattress, a couple of great pillows, soft sheets, and anything else that you think could improve your sleep.

bedroom-decor-deluxe-headboard 9 Important Things to Remember When Decorating Your Bedroom

4 Carpet the room

Carpets are usually costly, but they are also a long-term investment you make in your home. Choosing the right carpet design can be a daunting task, as there are many different colors, styles, types, and materials to choose from. The process might take some time, but you will be grateful you went through it after it’s finished.

A carpeted bedroom looks much more inviting. It gives out a cozy and warm feeling anyone would want to have in the place where they sleep and unwind at the end of the day.

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5 Avoid too many accessories

Most people want to add a personal touch to their bedroom with the help of some accessories, which is perfectly normal. However, it’s important to stay clear of too many accessories, as they can make the room look hectic and disorganized.

Pick out the accessories which accompany the room nicely and don’t clutter it. These could be flowers, photographs, posters, or anything else you feel comfortable with. Just don’t go overboard with it and it will look amazing.

bedroom-decor-artwork-5-675x543 9 Important Things to Remember When Decorating Your Bedroom

6 Find a way to reduce clutter

To keep your room looking serene and comfortable, keep as many items as possible out of sight. If you have plenty of personal items, find a way to stash them away. You can do this with the help of cabinets, drawers, or simply by storing things underneath your bed.

Of course, if there are some things you would like to keep on display, do it stylishly. For instance, if you have a lot of books, invest in a quality bookshelf. To avoid a dull look, place some tiny accessories on it, such as candles to give it a unique style.

bedroom-decor-faux-fur-blanket-675x447 9 Important Things to Remember When Decorating Your Bedroom

7 Dress the windows

Window curtains aren’t there just to darken your room and give you some privacy. In fact, they can have a huge impact on interior design and frame the space nicely. Most decorators will tell you that curtains are what makes a room. So, when choosing a curtain, consider the type of windows you have and the overall style of your room.

These are the things you should think about:

  • Color and pattern: It’s essential to choose a curtain which will fit with the overall style of your bedroom. For instance, if your room is elegant and simple, bold, and crazy colors and patterns would clash with that style.
  • Length: There are a couple of things to take into consideration when choosing the curtain length. How high above the window would you like to hang your curtains? Do you want them to be floor-length or just cover the windows? Before you go shopping, make sure to measure your windows and the space around them so you can make an informed decision.
  • Cleaning: Whether your curtain is washing machine friendly or dry clean only is usually determined by its quality. High-quality curtains are usually dry clean only and can be ruined if you wash them yourself. Decide if you’re ready to put in money and effort into maintaining your curtains. If not, go for lower quality curtains that you can put in your washing machine.
windows-curtains 9 Important Things to Remember When Decorating Your Bedroom
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8 Install different light sources

Not many people put a lot of thought into light sources, even though they can greatly influence the décor of a room. Since the ambient of a bedroom should be relaxing and calming, the light should be subtle and easy on the eye. Even though the room most likely already has an overhead light source, you can always add another one as well.

It would be best to install a layered light system. If you want to accomplish an ambient feel, small lights strung across the room would be perfect. It’s good to have a few lamps across the entire room, including one next to the bed. Also, don’t forget to install a dimmer to every light source so you can be selective about the type of light you have.

home-decor-lighting 9 Important Things to Remember When Decorating Your Bedroom
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9 Keep all electronics out of the bedroom

If you want to maintain a calm and peaceful environment, there are some things you should definitely never keep in your bedroom. Electronics such as TVs, smartphones, and computers are at the top of that list.

Even though most people like to watch TV or play on their phones before bed, this is a terrible habit. These electronics emit blue light which can make it harder to fall asleep, even after they’re turned off. This can seriously damage your natural sleep cycle, so it would be best to keep all electronics away from the bedroom.

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