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Importance of Choosing The Right Web Hosting

There are many types of web hosting these days and choosing the right one is an important decision for businesses and website owners. Some underestimate the important of choosing the right hosting, but it is something that needs to be seriously considered for a website to be a success. It all depends on the type of website as well as personal preference and experience.

It is useful if you have a rough idea of the amount of traffic you are likely to receive prior to making a decision about your hosting. It is not always easy to predict but it can have a major influence on the bandwidth you require. The more bandwidth you have, the more traffic the hosting will be able to cope with. Not having enough bandwidth can result in slowing the website down or visitors not being able to view it. This makes having a website pointless and, for businesses, can mean losing valuable income. Although it is a good idea to have some bandwidth in reserve you don’t want to be paying for something you don’t need. Cloud hosting might be an option if you are unsure of the amount of traffic you are likely to receive or if it is likely to fluctuate. With cloud hosting, you pay for the resources you need at any particular time. It is available for your use should you need it but you only pay for it when you use it.

Disk space is another important issue. It impacts the type of website you can have by affecting the amount of content and type of content that the hosting can cope with. Unlike bandwidth, which comes down to traffic, the amount of disk space you need is dependent on the specifics of the website itself.

Some make the mistake of just thinking about price, and while this is always a consideration, the cheapest option is not necessarily the best option. Cheap hosting tends to be more basic hosting, such as shared hosting. This is suitable for some websites, but for others is definitely not. Like anything, the more advanced packages cost more, but if your website requires it then it is worth it. You have to get the balance between cost and getting the right type of hosting.

You may be wondering, “will unlimited hosting cover everything?” The truth is there is no real unlimited hosting, there are always limits. It is impossible for a hosting company to guarantee unlimited hosting, as they have only so much resource available to them. Unlimited hosting is sold on the premise that they offer more bandwidth and disk space than they expect customers to use, as most will use much less than the capacity. If you have a very large website or expect a very high amount of traffic then you need to know the specifics. Don’t just blindly choose unlimited hosting unless you know you will be within the limits.

Of course, every business or website owner may have their own preference beyond just what is required for their site. Many choose managed hosting, where it is all managed for them by their hosting company. This means they can leave the hosting in safe hands and don’t have to worry about it. Others prefer colocation, where they have their own server but hire rack space at a colocation centre. In this case they have control over their web server but it can be cheaper than hosting it at their own premises. They can also make use of the colocation centres infrastructure and sometimes additional support is available. Colocation, however, requires some hosting experience as you are in charge of your own server.

The number of different types of hosting packages available is almost endless. This makes it difficult to decide which the better option is. There are many things that need considering to make the right decision. Choosing the wrong option could prove problematic. It could mean high amounts of traffic bring the site down or you are unable to have the website you want.

By Andrew Marshall

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