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How To Get Highest Bandwidth Web Hosting

If you are running a website, this is for you.

Question: What is Bandwidth, traffic or data transfer?

Answer: These are three different terms for the same meaning. I prefer to use the term ” data transfer” because it gives a clearer indication of the amount of data exchange between your website and its members and visitors.


Question: How is my data transfer amount consumed?

Answer: An example would be best to explain this point.

Let’s say a visitor or a member of your forum or website is exploring a topic that contains 1 MB pictures for explanation purposes and another 1 MB pictures in the signature. This member loaded a 2 MB that already exists in the topic (in you website) and also uploaded a 1 MB file. Moreover the letters of his reply is around 500 KB and it would normally take 1 MB to load the style pictures when loading the topic. Now, all this comes to a total of 6.5 MB. This one member alone consumed 6.5 MB of your data transfer amount.


Question: Is there any other way the data transfer amount could be consumed?

Answer: One more thing that causes quick consumption is sending too many messages from your website. What website professionals do when they want to send many messages is that they use groups either on Yahoo or Google.


Question: What should be done to least consume the data transfer amount?

Answer: You should be careful to choose a good design for your website without using many or sizable pictures. You should also compress the design pictures before you upload them to your website using compression software like “ACDSee”. This also should be done with the website design.
Compressing the pictures does not minimize the consumption of  data transfer amount. It simply keeps good the overall view of the website. In the same way the members and admins on the website should upload their topic and signature pictures on a hosting website and only place their links on yours. In this way the consumption would be on the hosting website not yours. The same thing applies to files or programs. You don’t want to load them to your website and use too much data transfer. Upload
them to a hosting website, use the links on your website and let them worry about the data transfer rate.

Remember… Don’t use your website to send too many messages. Use a group to do it for you.


Question: Some companies propagates that they offer unlimited data transfer to the websites they host. How do you explain that?

Answer: That is practically not possible and here is why.
Any company has a number of servers with a limited amount of data transfer.

Example: A server of 160 Gs would have a 1600 GB for data transfer(server memory multiplied by10). If you hosted a 1 GB website you would have 10 GB file transfer. That is most normal and correct.


Question: What do you explain their offering unlimited file transfer amount to the websites they host?

Answer: Some companies offer special techniques including “Traffic Share” a process in which traffic is shared between a number of servers and directed to one server or another. That is what they mean with unlimited traffic. They offer as much traffic as the agent needs.


Question: My data transfer has expired, what do I do?

Answer: Your data transfer amount is renewed every month. If it is consumed before the end of the month, your website will be completely and automatically shut down until the beginning of the next month when it reopens also automatically. You should organize and adjust your website so as not to shut down again the next month.


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