How You Should Choose Canvas Tents?

What does the word canvas mean?! canvas is a strong heavy cotton cloth used for making tents. The prices of the tents differ according to the quality of its canvas. If your tent was made of “double fill” canvas, it meant quality, so before you spend so much money on a tent, you need to know how to determine the difference between high and low quality canvas.

canvas tent

You have to check the canvas of the tent to make sure that it is made of the purest material. The first thing to note is the number of brown spots on the canvas as they come from the quality of the cotton used in the manufacture of the material.


Top quality canvas is made up of long fibers spun into yarn, inferior quality canvas is made up of short fibers spun together, the industry measures canvas strength with high tech equipment that assessing how much stress a fabric can endure before it fails. There are many types of canvas for instant,the canvas used by Montana Canvas is available in 10 oz and 12 oz weights because it is 100% cotton, canvas is especially good at absorbing some of the interior condensation created by drying clothes or boiling water. The weight of canvas helps it billow less in a stiff wind. A canvas wall tent provides excellent shelter but it must be completely dried after each use to avoid mold and mildew growth.

The canvas roof provides you with a more breathable material overhead to absorb the condensation from humidity, breathing, cooking and drying clothes.  Setting up your tent to dry it out before putting it away is very important step, the tent could be laid out inside a shop or garage such that the roof was exposed to dry. What ever is the type of your canvas tent you must choose it 100% cotton and natural colored.

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