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How to Trade Domain Name Successfully?

In this article we are going to talk about domain names and the best places for selling them. But why should we sell domain names? Well, because it is a cheap investment, so the risk level is low and because they are unique and that gives them value.

If you consider investing in domain names and then selling them then first of all register a domain name. Before you register it, make a keyword research and evaluate some techniques of domain valuation. Most people wonder where to sell domain names. I will try to formulate a satisfying answer within this article.

A large number of domain name sellers run their activity on domain brokerage websites. These websites expect to share your profits with them and this share goes between 2% and 18%. This depends on what services they place at the seller’s disposal and which of them the seller chooses. Let’s talk about these services and analyze the price services ratio.

First of all, they ease buyers’ access to sellers. The domain names are included in searchable databases of domains. These databases provide quick searching and a large number of domain names in order to attract buyers. Secondly, people trust these databases because of the escrow services.

Escrow services are highly important especially in transactions with large amounts of money. The process is easy to understand and very effective. When someone sells a domain name the buyer’s money doesn’t go directly to the seller but to the escrow company. When the seller gets notified that the escrow company received the money then he transfers the domain name to the buyer. The buyer then notifies the company that he got the domain and finally the seller receives the money.

When you feel comfortable and confident with brokerages, step forward and try a less formal place to sell your domain names. Such places are domain name forums which help you to sell your product and to gain knowledge about your activity at the same time. Forums are specialized on opinion and experience exchange, so you could always learn something new. There is still an aspect that sellers should take care of and this is the absence of escrow services. There are a lot of scams on the internet so never send a product before receiving the money.

Always check a potential client. Check his attitude. Is he a scammer? Is he a respected member of the forum? Are his posts relevant and informative? If not then you should reconsider making business with him. Try to avoid the forums with no rating systems for domain name transactions; though, there are few forums without this facility. Keep in mind that you must know the person who you are making business with.

Remember! Invest in a correct domain name if you want to make a business out of selling them. A bad domain name is useless because you won’t be able to sell it no matter where or how you plan to do it. Try to spot the best opportunities and it wouldn’t be bad to read a domain ebook.


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