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How to Wear Eye Makeup in six Simple Tips

You don’t need to be professional to make eye makeup that looks good and shows the beauty of your eyes. In anything there are basic fixed rules if you follow them, you will be in the right way. For example you must exactly know what colors are suitable for you as you must choose what complement your eyes here, let’s see what the basic is in choosing the suitable colors before you wear any makeup:

– If you have blue eyes, you have to choose the shades in the rose, brown, taupe, greyish, lilac, blue and violet families. You can choose any color that is darker than your eye color to make your blue eyes more shine.

– If you have hazel or green eyes, you can choose from all of green, purple, Plums, Burnt orange, Violet, brown, khaki and light gold.

– If you have brown eyes, then you are in front of widely choices as anything goes with brown.

After knowing the harmonious colors for your eye color, comes the second step of how to wear eye makeup in perfect way?

Here are some simple tips you can follow with your eye makeup:

1- Wash your face thoroughly with water and dry it carefully with soft thin towel so as not to leave traces of water on your face.

2- Put a thin layer of concealer to cover dark under eye circles that appropriates for your skin color on your eyes and spread it on your skin properly.

3- Apply the eye shadow; you can put one color, but if you want to wear more than one there is a rule you must put it into your consideration Start with the lightest. This means that highlight your brow bone with light colors like off-white, light gold or pure white then apply a medium color on your eyelid (the slight dip between your eyelid and your brow bone) and the dark color on your crease.

Note: if you apply more than one color, use your fingers or brush to mix the colors a bit.

4- Apply eyeliner to line your eyes; move across your upper lash line and your lower lashes as well to show the beauty of what you did.

5- Apply the mascara on your lashes; Start at the base of your upper lashes and slowly sweep upward and do the same on your lower lashes but in here you sweep slowly downward.

6- You can finish off your look by using eyebrows pencil that will shape your eyebrows. Use an eyebrow brush or a comb from the inside to the outside to remove any makeup particles left on the brow while wearing your eye makeup.