How to Take Great Photos of Your Home

Whether you want to sell your house or just want to show off your bedroom, it calls for good photos. It is said that taking good pictures is also art. We all can agree that for taking good photos, you need to have a professional camera. However, you can take some aesthetic pictures using your phone camera or just the regular camera. I have seen people running photography pages, based on their phone’s camera. All you need are good angles and some editing tool, and you can do so too.

Here is a complete guide for you to achieve good photography level:

1 Make sure you clean first

Thoroughly clean your house before taking a shot. In a picture, nothing goes unnoticed. A messy room will definitely give a bad impact, specially if you are taking photos for real estate. People should focus on things that are better about your house rather than the flaws. Make sure that everything is at its place and there is no dirt on the floor or the furniture.

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bedroom-real-estate-photography-675x447 How to Take Great Photos of Your Home

2 Use a tripod

It is always better to use a tripod as no matter how much you try to stay stable. The camera might shake a little. Never use a blurred picture for real estate as it gives a terrible impact and ruins the overall influence. A tripod will come in handy for adjusting the angles and trying out new compositions. If you are using a digital camera, you will be able to change the settings accordingly. Check the light and brightness of the camera and increase or decrease it accordingly.

Real-Estate-Photography-675x450 How to Take Great Photos of Your Home

real-estate-photography-675x354 How to Take Great Photos of Your Home

3 Buy a good camera 

The secret of getting HD photos is hidden in digital cameras. It is not necessary to use an expensive one. The range of digital camera varies. You can even buy a good digital camera for $100. While you are searching for a digital camera, get the one which can capture good photos even when the light is low. You can easily find low light cameras anywhere in the market.

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hoom-pool-real-estate-photography-675x450 How to Take Great Photos of Your Home

4 Effect of light

Good lighting can make the scenery look good. No one can deny the effectiveness of light in a photo. Forgetting the best result, get the best lighting you can get. It is recommended to use natural lighting as it brightens up every part of a room. If there is a window nearby, you can open it and draw the curtains aside. This will help in showing the scenery outside the window as well, which is also plus point. If there are no windows sue, the artificial lighting. If you can afford studio lights, they will work the best. Otherwise, room lighting will do.

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home-exterior-real-estate-photography-2-675x327 How to Take Great Photos of Your Home

5 Effect of angles

Angles have a huge contribution. A right angle can change the whole look of the room. Try out different angles. Take a picture from unique angles and compare the results afterward. Sometimes an unexpected click can make a great difference. Play around with the angles. If you are not prone to taking good photos, you can always look at the work of other people. There might be some new ideas that can help you progress.

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home-interior-real-estate-photography-3-675x448 How to Take Great Photos of Your Home

6 Do not use flash

Your pictures should give a natural effect. Avoid using flash. Even if there is low light, change the setting of the camera but do not use flash. If you use a flash, it might blur the photo as well as it gives the artificial look of the photo. Plus, a flash will never be able to lit the room fully. Some of the minor detail might get affected.

Home-exterior-real-estate-photography-3-675x450 How to Take Great Photos of Your Home

home-exterior-real-estate-photography-4-675x450 How to Take Great Photos of Your Home

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