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How to Start a Hosting Company at home?


** How to start a hosting company at home?

** How to host websites at home?



At first you need to understand the concept of how you can setup a hosting server with Apache, PHP, MySQL, in addition to other applications placed on it, and the way to to connect this computer server to the web.

You should also know how to use Linux or BSD as the operating-system, or you can work with Windows in order to offer a customized ASP hosting server. The following steps are for making starting real web hosting company:

1. Get new faster Internet service ( no less than T1 line). You need to get it from certain Internet service providers that offer business collections with a STATIC IP and no bandwidth limitation.

2. Make certain that the hosting server will be wired to the router instead of through wi-fi or something like that. Also, improve your network card if needed. Obtain extremely fast hard drives (Raptor or even PCI based flash ones). Think about using a RAID array.

3. Buy WHM and cPanel licences. They can be a portal solution which will offer you a sales site and enable your customers to gain access to their hosting accounts.

4. Buy a Verisign electronic signature to get validated HTTPS.

5. Setup a merchant account with the main credit card providers to get the payments, also get a business PayPal account.

6. Think about getting a domain reseller license to offer domain registration service, or perhaps get an account through a current domain registrar as GoDaddy company. Clients generally plan to register a domain name while paying for their web hosting.

7. As the business expands, buy more server configurations. RAID array will be essential. open offices in different cities world wide to be able to build widely distributed hosting servers to offer highest rates of speed for your customers.

But even with big updates for your set up, an individual most likely may don’t have the infrastructure to properly offer a considerable level of resources and bandwidth. And you won’t have the various tools and education to correctly keep as well as support it.

But my advice to you, is to start as a reseller for a big hosting company, and I recommend Eleven2 company.

This way you will make money while learning the basics, find easy and quality features, deal with customers,  get enough bandwidth, power redundancy, website backup copies, and provide much more than you would be able to offering it yourself. And in case there is a technical problem, there is a support service that can be used rather than standing on your own.

If you need additional control, it is possible to lease a dedicated server from Eleven2 company with an admin panel like Plesk which offer much more management and easy creating customer accounts.

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